Florence News 10/07/2021


  It’s a pretty Monday morning as I’m writing the news.

  I had a nice phone call from Bernice Chase. She is Red’s brother’s wife. They live in Ohio. She saw on Facebook that our niece Lori McCreary in Lawrenceburg was to have a total hip replacement today. I will have to call and find out about that. Hope she does well.

  Mary Archer and Patty Chase visited with the baby across the street. A beautiful little girl of Rodney and Courtney Mathews.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Nancy Johnson, Judy Lozier, Ken and Sylvia Byars and Glenda Sullivan had Sunday dinner at Mo’s.

  Friday Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan took Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison some lunch and goodies and Glenda was able to go inside to see her. Glenda had to wear a mask and shield but it was so good to see Tracy.

  Glenda received a call from Dave Shinkle (a U.S. Shoe employee from the Cincinnati office) and he told her that he had lunch with Steve Linder (another U.S. Shoe employee) form Cincinnati that came to the factories about every week. Steve was asking Dave about different ones from here since he found out Dave and Glenda talk quite often. It is alway s good to hear what other are doing.

  Sympathy to the families of Mary Morrison Wiley, Stella Bennett and Jacob Parker.

  Get well prayers for Leona Adams.

  Mary Lou and Denny Bowman visited Patty Chase at Switzer Square last week. Linda Jones also visited Patty.

  Bonnie and Roy Duckworth, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan had breakfast at Granny’s Saturday.