Florence News 10/03/2019


It’s a beautiful Monday in Florence.

  Kay Cook and Patty Chase had a really nice yard sale at Patty’s, where we got to visit with a lot of friends and met some new friends. Teresa Turner stopped on her way home from work real early then Agnes Wheeler stopped in while Bob was still sleeping. Carolyn Lowe, Doris Chase, Linda “Brady”, Angie Chase and others visited and sat not he porch while other shopped. It was a good day and they are planning to do it again on Saturday October 5th. I know I missed one person that sat on the porch with us and I don’t know Linda Brady’s married name.

  Phil Lozier and Teresa, LeAnn and LoriAnn Lozier and Steve Rawling had fun at the Kid Rock concert at Riverbend on Saturday.

  Judy Lozier had lunch with LoriAnn in Kentucky on Thursday.

  Roy and bonnie Duckworth had supper with Kierstin McClure in Madison on Thursday.

  Patty locked her keys in her car a couple of weeks ago while at church. Fortunately Brittany Little was there and got them out. Thanks Brittany.

  The Florence Church of Christ had a really good pitch in dinner on Sunday after morning service. It was really good and a lot of people enjoyed it.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase joined Charles Pickett and Tiffany Rininger for lunch in Vevay one day.

  Linda Jones, PJ Jones and Annie and the kids went to Florence, Kentucky to celebrate Jason’s birthday.