Florence News 1-31-13


The American Cancer Society Switzerland County Relay 2013 had their kick-off meeting Thursday evening. We still need a leader and co-leader. The next meeting will be the fourth Thursday in February. Hope you can attend and get signed up. If you are interested in being the leader you can call me at 594-2289 or Glenda at 427-3572. It is hard work but the rewards are good.

The Cincinnati Reds made a good presentation at the Hoosier Theater Thursday afternoon. There was standing room only and even that space was crowded.

Reva Johnson, Mary Christiani, Patty Chase and Mo all celebrated their birthdays at Mo’s last Monday. We even got on Facebook so if you saw those little fancy glasses on our table it was “just really good punch” that Mo made. We had a good time. Thanks, Mo, also for the cake for everyone. Toni Kniola, Ruth Lohide, Wilma Lohide and Glenda Sullivan also enjoyed the party.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase enjoyed dinner at the Shrimp House in Madison Friday night to celebrate Patty’s birthday again. Patty wants to thank everyone for such a good birthday that went on and on. One more little party with the Hoosier Theater board tonight should be the end of this year’s.

Charles and Alberta Pickett, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan had a nice visit with Bill and Mary Lynna Jewell and Jimmy and Mary Simmons while dining out Saturday evening.

Denny and Diana Brown’s company was K.C. Banta, Dave and Sharon Wilson, Audrey Marsh, and Angie Handlon. They want to thank Dave and Sharon for the delicious homemade vegetable soup.

Faye Lewis’ company was Gertrude Voris, Connie Voris and Nick, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Judy Amos, Nora Gross, Evelyn Smith, Patty Chase, Mark Scott and Glenda Sullivan.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman visited Patty Chase Sunday afternoon.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Jim and Rita Brogan, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Mike Johnson, Judy Lozier, Patty Chase, Cid Scott and Glenda Sullivan enjoyed the $5 buffet special at KFC in Carrollton Sunday. They had a short visit with Mark White. Ken and Sylvia Byars went to Cleves, Ohio, for the funeral of a relative.

Jodie Winslow had foot surgery and is recovering at home with her mother, Garnet Keith.

Eddie McClellan probably had more surgery on Monday and Kim Hambrick was to have surgery Thursday (today). Jerry Chase had gall bladder surgery and went home to Belmont, Ohio, but had to go back to the Wheeling, West Virginia, hospital due to complications. Tonya Moore got good news from her biopsy. Keep all these people in your prayers. Also, Ruth Schwade, Libby Ray, Tiffany Rininger, Paul and Doris Chase, Joann Scott,, Joan Peelman, Bill Lynam, Paul and Sharon Ballard, Vernon Martin, Cindy Whieside and all in need.

Sympathy to the Nettie Blodgett family, the Micheal Allen family and the Dr. Frank Hare family.

The Jack Adkins Benefit and Silent Auction will be held at Patriot Town Hall Saturday, February 9th, at 5 p.m. Donations are needed for the auction. Soup, chili and sandwiches will be available.

Visitors of Reta Gray on her birthday January 23rd were Bob and Pat Slack of East Enterprise in the morning. Evening callers were Noel Gray and Bridgett Washnock of Pleasant, Jeff Gray, Tracy, Tammy, Tanner, Taylor and Treyton Gray.

Pat and Bob brought cupcakes and gifts. All of the family came loaded with gifts. Reta had lots of birthday wishes on her Facebook page. She received a special box of Shai’s Berries fresh gourmet dipped strawberries that were delicious. They came from Chery Moon Farms from granddaughter Aril Konkle, Jeremy, Kaiden and Kinley Konkle. She received lots of pretty cards and a pretty card and money from her mother, Elizabeth Cole. Thanks to everyone Reta had a great day.