Florence News 1-29-15


Brenda Heine brought me some really good ham and bean soup and corn bread last week. I had enough to share with Jonas Keith and Glenda Sullivan as Brenda suggested. We had a good visit. Thanks, Brenda.

Congratulations to Rodney Nay for being named a Distinguished Hoosier for his support of the veterans. Good for you, Rodney.

Karoline Green, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase met with Brandy Graham, the American Cancer Society Relay representative from Madison to plan the 2015 Relay on June 27th from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. tentatively. We need your help. The kick off meeting will be February 17th at 5:30 p.m. at the Vevay Utility Building on West Seminary Street (with refreshments). We need more teams and captains. Glenda and Patty are working on the sponsorship donations. We went to the Florence and Patriot area Wednesday and went on to Rising Sun for lunch at Jack’s. It was really good and we had a nice visit with Debbie. Also ran into Nancy Scott at the grocery.

Diane Albright stopped for a little visit with Patty Chase on her way home from work. She said her daughter Kristi almost stands by the mailbox on Thursday, waiting for the Vevay paper and reads it all. Hello, Kristi.

Patty is still celebrating her birthday with different friends buying her lunch. Ken and Sylvia Byars and Glenda and Patty went to Mo’s to help him celebrate his birthday but he wasn’t there. They left birthday cards and went back later for a piece of free bread pudding. Thanks to everyone for the calls and many cards. Patty even got a lovely bouquet from her favorite truck driver (Judy Lozier).

Other happy birthdays to Chris Wilhoite, Shirley White, John Kniola, Bonnie Duckworth, Jerry Chase, Jeni Scudder and all.

Get well to Bonnie Duckworth (she is getting a new hip for her birthday). She should be home from the hospital by now at her new address of 9916 B. Harlow Road, Vevay, IN 47043. Get well also to Tracy Dickerson, Sharon Deck, Mary Evelyn Pohlman, Sharon Ballard, Larry Wentworth, Peggy Eckerty, Larry Turner, Paulina Scudder, and Butch Scott.

Prayer concerns for Julie Berry and family, Margaret Rowlett’s friend Nancy Eve’s family, the Ron Jarvis family, Joan Higgins Baxter family, the Darlene Lewis family, and the Pruda Mae Smith family.

Faye Lewis’ company the last two weeks have been Mark and Rhonda Scott, Sarah Headen, Dick Scott and George (dog), Joanna and Mike Sawalich, Mary Leo Archer, Gertrude Voris, Logan Fugate, Norris Gammons, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sandidge, and Glenda Sullivan.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Paul Messmore, Randy and Lorraine Brown and Floyd Wiltz. Margaret Lee and Lorraine Brown had a nice day in Carrollton on business.

Dolores Robinson called to tell me she is spending some time with her son, Chris Robinson, in Cleves, Ohio.