Florence News 1-26-17


The Historic Hoosier Theater board members enjoyed their January meeting at the lovely Ridge Winery Monday night. About 20 members and guests met for a short meeting and a delicious dinner catered by Steve and Sam of Patty’s Reach Farmstead and Catering service. The Ridge Winery staff was also very gracious. It is such a nice meeting place.

The Hunt and Koons family had a nice get together at the Florence Firehouse Saturday. Roberta Young, Adrianne Peelman, Gary and Mary Stogsdill and Tyler Yeary, Dennis, David and Wayne Hunt, Julie Knippenberg, Alice Messler, Kelly, Tina and Kaege Cunningham, Randall and Nancy Koons, Richard and Brenda Koons, Bob and Mary Florence Koons, Missy Kaiser and Mae Hunt all enjoyed the delicious pitch in and fellowship. They gave a nice donation to the fire house.

Saturday family and friends gathered at the Rock Creek cemetery near Westport to say their final goodbyes, to Dana Einhaus who passed away on December 28th.

The home of Harriet Bovard was the gathering place for the Edwards family’s 2016 Christmas. A fabulous banquet was prepared by Harriet Bovard and Alice Whitham. Each person received a gift from Santa. A great time was had by all. Those attending were: Harriet Bovard, Phillip Haley, Patty Haley, David Shuler, Jacob Shuler, Daniel Shuler, Jaren Shuler, Danika Shuler, Kaleena Shuler, Alice Whitham, Kandy Powers, Mike Powers, Andrew Powers, Courtney Powers, April Whitham, Jesse Dale Edwards, Mary Ann Jones, Angie Cole, Steve Cole, Eli Shuck, Hillary Shuck, Mikaela Shuck, Maisy Smith, Hartlyn Shuck, Jeremy Shuck, Mia Shuck, Susie Edwards, Harley Haas, Haley Haas, Margie Edwards, Dustin Edwards, Kayla Edwards, Michael Edwards, Lucas Edwards, Amie Purnell, Mark Purnell, Terry Jacobs, Sue Jacobs, Marsha Patterson and Rosemary Bovard. Those that were missed: Chris Edwards, Linda Edwards, Jordon Bledsoe, Amanda Campbell, Josh Shuck, Katie Brooks, Jesse Edwards, Cody Edwards, Josh Edwards. Sorry that you all didn’t show up. You were missed.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had lunch with Mo Thursday to celebrate Patty and Mo’s birthdays. Mo had bread pudding for them. Charles Pickett and Tiffany Rininger joined Glenda and Patty and had bread pudding too. Happy birthday Patty and Mo and Mary Christiani, John Kniola, Shirley White, Cindy Geis and many more.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth stopped to take Patty Chase our for supper for her birthday Tuesday evening, but she couldn’t go at that time so they brought her a big butterscotch sundae. It was good, thanks. Thanks also to all who sent cards and the phone calls and gifts. Denny and Mary Lou Bowman got her a pretty bouquet of flowers from Edelweiss. Linda Jones brought a big decorated cake to work for all the girls to share. Glenda Sullivan bought her lunch one day at K.F.C. Judy Lozier bought her lunch at Granny’s Sunday. Nadine Swift got her a really nice gift and there is more we are forgetting. Patty doesn’t thinks she is worth all that but thanks anyway. Thanks also to the many who left messages on Facebook. The best part was when they said “are you that old?” You don’t look it! She also received a nice phone call from Jerrell and Lisa Jewell of Georgetown, Ohio; and from Peggy Sullivan and Shannon Jackson.

Cheryl Messmore is still recovering from her arm injury at her moms. This week she will be spending time with Joyce Atwood and Linda Harrell at Linda’s in Madison.

Sympathy to Rita Sullivan and family for the loss of her brother, Ralph Brown of Greensburg. Ralph has a son Barrett but was preceded in death by his daughter Kristi Brown and parents Ralph and Emma Brown. Ralph was a 1971 graduate of Switzerland County High School.

Get well prayers go out for Cheryl Messmore, Scott Arvin, Verle Truitt, Dale Thompson, Kenny Miller and Helen Parks.