Florence News 1-23-14


We really enjoyed the baby shower for Jill Gregory Smith at the Senior Citizens Building in Rising Sun Sunday. My wild guess is about 59 or more friends and relatives were there. She received many pretty gifts for Baby Jade. Refreshments were really good too.

The weather has been so cold I guess that’s why I don’t have much news this week. I do owe some thank yous to the Florence Church group for taking me to dinner Sunday to celebrate my birthday. I notice the post office and other places are closed today (Monday) – I guess for my birthday but I’ll share that with Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks also to Debbie Wilhoite for the favor she helped me with. And I was working at the tourism office Saturday when Karen Wentworth brought me a big homemade cookie from Kathy Johns. It was really good. Also thanks for all the pretty cards.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett and Tiffany Rininger also took me to Shell’s Sunday night after church for my famous butterscotch Sundae.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Earl and Jerilyn Van Winkle, Kay O’Neal, and Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown.

Faye Lewis has been feeling poorly. Her company was Janet Kent, Mary Pohlman, Braxie Springer, Roberta Barton, Evelyn Smith, Nora Gross and Glenda Sullivan.

Richard and Leona Adams celebrated her birthday at Roxano’s Friday night. The big parties have been put on hold for a couple of weks due to the weather.

Our prayer list includes Carolyn Lohide, Donna Brady, Darlene Gregory, Nora Gross, Brenda Briggs, Kenny Clements, Gayle Lowe’s daughter Teresa Lowe is in a Veterans Hospital in Indianapolis, Chris Bowman’s family fronm Batesville had the flu, Corinne Martin’s daughter-in-law Brittany Goins had a round with the flu and is getting better. Glad to hear Janet Cleaver is getting better.

Sympathy to the Delores Tague family, the Dennis Whitham family, the Bud Acton family, and the Pam Dews family.