Florence News 1-14-16


Winter is here. I was doing ok without it but the snow is pretty.

The Red Hot Hatters will meet Friday January 15th at the Old School Cafe for a lunch of fried chicken and the works and a meeting. Bring a $5 gift for the gift drawing if you want to and bring friends. The gift shop will be open.

Ken and Sylvia Byars enjoyed a visit from their daughter Rachel and three teenage grandkids from Alaska. The long weekend included a wedding, two buffets, shopping, and visits to Swiss Villa every day. The house was full of lively conversation and laughter and seemed very quiet after they left to go back home.

Patty Chase had a nice visit with Albert and Cookie (Wiley) Gakstatter from Warsaw, Indiana a couple of weeks ago while they were in the county on business and pleasure.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited the Marc Duckworth family Saturday in Independence, Kentucky and spent time with baby Maggie Ann. Big sister Dorothy and big brother John were really happy to welcome her home. I need to correct a misprint. Bonnie and Roy Duckworth were married 38 years instead of 30. They told me it didn’t add up because their kids are older than that.

Casey Rininger attended the Bengals game in Cincinnati with family and friends.

Glenda Sullivan is back at Swiss Villa after a few days at Kings Daughters’ Hospital due to an infection. She has been very sick but we hope she is starting to improve and can go on with her therapy. Her company has been Tootie Stevens, Rita Waltz, Richard and Janet Sullivan, Patty Chase, Roy and Bonnie Duckworht, Rahe Jean Griffin, Levada Bladen and many more. I just got a call from Swiss Villa (Monday morning while I am writing the news) and they are taking Glenda back to Kings Daughters Hospital. Keep her in your prayers.

Kim and Johnny Dale Lock called during the holidays since we are too far apart to visit this year. They had a good Christmas in Lafayette with their girls and families.

Loretta Westricks’ boys were in for the holidays. Dave from Dallas, Texas and Steve and John from Louisville.

Darrell and Peggy Stoll spent last weekend with Bud and Betty Hargrove. They also spent some of the hoidays with them and Linda Jones, PJ. Jones and Annie and the Kids, Jerry and Robin Jewell and other.

Margaret Lee Weidmann and Donna Miller brought her a big container of delicious homemade candy and told her to share it with Lorraine. Now might be a good time for me to visit and maybe get some candy. Margaret Lee’s other company was: Randy, Lorraine, Ryan Brown and Kay O’Neal. Cheryl Messmore spent a few days and returned to her home Monday after visiting a lot of friends and family in Vevay. Margaret Lee said she appreciates Malcomb Markland, Jim and Carol Strasbaugh and Pam Acton for thinking of her while they were at Olive Garden and wished she could have been with them.

Our prayer list includes: Glenda Sullivan, Ron Sandidge, Dana Einhause, Tracy Seale, Harold Sims, Hazel Knaus, Bonnie Roginson, Colleen Lozier, Pete Lowe, Frank Grzebyk, Paul Messmore, Jeannie Hankins, Frances Pike, Dickie Bethel, Willie Leach, Chuck Schmidt and all in need.