Florence News 1-12-17


We don’t have much news this week, its too cold to get out. Its time to start the new year activities, taxes and all that good stuff.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase attended funeral services for Glenda’s niece, Dana Einhaus at Westport. Many Switzerland County people were there. A nice dinner was held by the church for the family. We extend sympathy to the family.

On the way home Glenda and Patty visited Dale and Danilee Thompson near North Vernon, then went on to Madison for another visitation at Morgan Nay Funeral home for Lee Roy Curry. Sympathy to that family and to the Marshall Mathews family and the Gary Lee Hambrick family along with the family of Agnes Hankins.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and many more attended a birthday party for Maggie Duckworth’s first birthday at Independence, Kentucky. Kirsten and Kaden McClure went with them. Happy birthday Maggie.

Happy birthday also to Leona Adams; Jim and Rita Brogan; Sam Bowman of Batesville; Joyce Walters of Cincinnati; and Tony Jackson.

Nadine Swift spent Sunday afternoon with Patty Chase and they went to church at Florence Sunday night.

Our prayer list includes: Dale Thompson, Ron Sandidge, Barry Marlman, Randy Bragg, Helen Park, Scott Arvin, Bonnie Robinson, Betty Hargrove, and Cheryl Messmore.

Darrell and Peggy Stoll spent last weekend with Bud and Betty Hargrove.

Cheryl Messmore is still recovering from her broken shoulder and is staying with her mom. Randy, Lorraine, and Ryan Brown; and Kay O’Neal are helping her, too.

The Center Square Baptist Church held a service at Swiss Villa on Sunday. Several attended and enjoyed the singing and message. Glenda Sullivan attended and went on to visit Margie Whitham after the service.