Florence News 1-10-13


Florence Peters hosted a dinner at the Sullivan Senior Center, for VanTyle Family Members and Cousin Gretchen Knox of Vevay and several guests. There were 76 in all, who came from Ohio, Rising Sun, Aurora, Madison, North Vernon and Grammer, Indiana.

The Florence Church of Christ group and many other groups and friends met at Mo’s Sunday for lunch. Everyone was just getting settled in and the lights went out. It was handled really well. The lights came back on for a while, then out again. The waitresses and helpers and Mo did a great job in getting everyone served. They earned their tips that day. Brother Roy Duckworth said a prayer for his table and everyone there took part and appreciated it. We all visited and it was a good homey feeling. We heard the lights were out all over town and came back on about 4:30. Thanks to the repairmen for getting out on Sunday to fix it.

Denny and Diana Brown’s company last week was Eddie and Lisa James, Audrey Marsh, Jack and Judy Bailey, Shawn and Anelisa Auxier, Angie Handelon, Dave and Sharon Wilson and Steve Bladen. They want to thank Dave Wilson for taking Denny to the doctor and bringing him back home. Also thanks to Steve Bladen for all his kindness. Tracy, Cayton and Devin Seale had a Christmas in January dinner for their family and friends at their lovely home in North Vernon Saturday. Those who enjoyed the chili, oyster soup, sandwiches, cheese and lunch meat and desserts were Richard and Janet Sullivan, Cindy and Janice Geis, Dana Einhaus, Ryan Einhaus, Nicole Smoker, David Brown, Deanna Feeney, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase. Faye Lewis could not be there so Glenda brought her some oyster soup that she really appreciated.

Faye Lewis’ company last week was Henry and Maxine Bushman, Robin Lawson, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Mary Leo Archer, Evelyn Smith, Nora Gross, Judy Amos, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan. Faye is feeling a little better after a fall at home last week.

Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger and Alberta Pickett took Lexie Rininger back home to Indianapolis Saturday. Casey, Sheila, Tiffany, Frank Rininger and girl friend and others spent New Year’s Eve and the next day with Brian Rininger and family in Cincinnati.

Cheryl Messmore was an overnight guest of Kevin and Linda Harrell in Madison New Year’s Eve. They had dinner at the Shrimp House and had a great time. Cheryl Messmore, Randy and Lorraine Brown had supper with mom Tuesday. Kay O’Neal and Cheryl and Randy worked at mom’s Wednesday cleaning and putting Christmas stuff away. Randy took the outside lights down. That made Cheryl and Kay happy. Ryan Brown visited Grandma and Cheryl Wednesday evening. Gail Ann Clements, Del Valenzuela and Kay O’Neal visited another day.

John and Bonnie Stutzman of Leavenworth spent Friday night with Richard and Leona Adams. Bob and Lois Stutzman of Rising Sun, David and Linda Stutzman of Brookville, Ted and Margaret Baker of Aurora also visited as John and Bonnie are leaving for three months in Florida. Gordy Stutzman also stopped in on his way to work.

Mike and Cathy James had New Year’s Day dinner with Richard and Leona Adams and Thursday Richard and Leona went to Madison to watch great-granddaughter Brooklyn James play basketball.

Irvin and Eva Fette and Tommy and Suzanne Tupperville went to see Irvin and Eva’s grandson Sam Fette play in the Rivertown Classic. Sam’s team won. Hooray for your team, Sam.

Twenty members of the Poling family met at the Madison Pines to have their Christmas dinner and celebration Sunday.

The Red Hot Red Hatters had a nice lunch and meeting last week at the Java Bean under the leadership of Kay Cook and Toni Kniola. The next meeting will be at the Julia Knox House. The time will be announced later. Watch this paper.

Our get well list includes Mike Danner (pneumonia – home and improving), Sharon Ballard (will have chemotherapy), Kim Hambrick (test for aneurysm), also Paul Ballard, Faye Lewis, Libby Ray, Pete Lowe, Carolyn Lowe, Linda Poling, Dale Poling, Dutchie Scholl, and Ruth Lohide.

Our sympathy goes out to the Don Voris family, the Lowell Devers family, the Duane Gray family, the Don McClure family and to Patsy Romans and family for the loss of her brother, Jerry Powers in Kentucky and for others I don’t know about.

If you are in the Florence area and reading this please remember this is your column and we would like to read about you. Call with your news at 594-2289 and leave a message. I’ll call back. I’ll do my best to get it in the column for you. Thank you.