Florence News 1-1-15


Happy New Year to all.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We were supposed to have dinner at my sister-in-law’s but she was ill and had to call it off. By then there was nothing open except some filling stations and Belterra so Glenda Sullivan and I chose Belterra’s breakfast. It was really good. I didn’t need anything else to eat the rest of the day.

Faye Lewis enjoyed a lot of company last week – Irma Whitham, Gertrude Voris, Sarah Headen, Ron and Jean Sandidge, John and Mary Archer, Bonnie Wade, Linda and Mike LaFountain, Jeanette and Penny Humphrey, Betty Page, Evelyn Smith, Cathy DeBaun and Glenda Sullivan.

Paul and Sondra Furnish had a good Christmas Eve dinner. Jonas Keith, Linda Furnish, J.R., Liz, Josie and Hank Turner, Shane, Peyton and Lane Turner, Ashley Cochran, Mike, Mickey Lynn, Aiden, Audrey and Kirsten Furnish, Rochelle Bolton, Jamie Furnish, Dustin and Kristen and Parker and Londyn Crabtree, Roy and Barbara Keith, Paul and Hazel Knaus, Patty Chase, Bruce and Barb Stout all enjoyed the delicious food and evening. Ron and Vonda Downing were not there due to Ron having knee surgery a few days earlier. Get well prayers to Ron.

Evelina Brown is recovering slowly at home. Sondra Furnish visited her last Wednesday. Andy Brown was also there from Indianapolis. Get well prayers for Evelina.

Butch Scott was in a Louisville hospital for tests and maybe surgery. Get well prayers for him. Also, Charles Pickett, Carolyn Lowe and Linda Mae Jones.

LeeAnn, Emily and Kelsey Bush, Braxton May and Glenda Sullivan visited Patty Chase one day. Johnny Dale and Kim Lock also visited Patty. They are moving from Patriot to Lafayette for other employment and to be near their girls and grandchildren and son-in-law. We will miss them.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth had a Christmas Eve family get together.

Dave Westrick is in from Dallas, Texas, for Christmas with his mom Loretta near Milton, Kentucky. They had dinner with Steve and Jon in Louisville Wednesday and met Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Carrollton on their way home. Thursday they went back to Louisville for dinner at Seelbach Inn where Steve works.

Earl Wayne Furnish has moved to Vevay. He visited with the card players at the Senior Citizen Center Tuesday.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had a nice visit with Cliff and Joy Higgins from Warsaw as they were visiting in Vevay.

Lewis and Alicia Fritter, James, Rita and Andrea Brogan attended the American Legion Christmas party. Andrea’s boy friend Ryan Ogden played in the Diamond Back Band.

Their Christmas dinner was Christmas Eve at Lewis and Alicia Fritter’s. Steve and Glenda Fritter, Ryan Ogden, Andrea Brogan, James and Rita Brogan, Arial Brogan, Wilma and Anthony Dennis, Chad Courter, Davey and Patty Leap all enjoyed the evening. James and Rita later visited Zachary and Stacy and family for their gift exchange. Christmas Day James and Rita visited his mom Wilma Brogan on Tapps Ridge. She was doing very well.

Darrell and Peggy Stoll of Washington, Indiana, spent a few days with Bud and Betty Hargrove. Christmas Day dinner included Linda Jones, P.J. Jones, Annie and the kids, and Jerry and Robin Jewell.

Chad and Jillian Gregory had Christmas dinner for Debbie and Ed Gregory, Jill, Ned and Jade Smith, Dakota, Paige, Zachary and Gracie, and Nola Eve, Jill’s Siberian Husky (beautiful) and Chad’s Boxers, Lily and Bailey (also beautiful dogs). They had a great and late visit Debbie said.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kevin and Linda Harrell, Kay O’Neal, Floyd Wiltz, Randy and Lorraine Brown and Gail Ann Clements bringing beautiful gifts. Everyone says thanks. Gail Ann, Bobby and Diane Brown and Cheryl Messmore spent a few days over the holidays. Christmas Eve company was Randy and Lorraine Brown, Floyd Wiltz, Bobby and Diane Brown and Cheryl Messmore.

Christmas Day Randy and Lorraine Brown had a family dinner. Floyd Wiltz, Cheryl Messmore, Bobby and Diane Brown and Mom, the Messmores, Shawn and Lisa and family, Jason and friend Vicky and daughter Jenna, Brandon and Julie and family, Victor and Megan Ferriera and family and Jerilyn Van Winkle all enjoyed the day. Paul Messmore was ill and did not get there. He was missed.

Jerrie Lowe is in from Florida visiting Pete and Carolyn Lowe and many others.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.