Florence News 09/05/2019


It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I am writing the news. Since its Labor Day weekend I don’t have much news.

  I’ve been spending some time with Glenda Sullivan since her leg surgery although she is doing okay. Donna Hughes has been bringing really good food and doing errands to. Her company has been: Malcolm Markland, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Nadine Swift, Jenny Green, Carolyn Lowe, Patty and Donna.

  Glenda had a doctors appoint Monday at Madison. Denny and Mary Lou Bowman took her. Patty Chase rode along with them. She got a good report. They had a late lunch at Bob Evans. It was a rainy afternoon but hey all had a good day.

  Glenda is still under doctor orders (house arrest) for two or three more weeks.

  Nadine Swift visited Patty Chase one evening and they went to visit Linda Jones at Fairway Inn while she was working. Teresa Turner came in later to visit before she went on duty.

  Denny Bowman went with Patty to the eye doctor in Vevay. Thanks Denny and Mary Lou for helping Patty with chores.