Florence News 08/29/2019


 Vevay was the place to be for the Wine Festival and the Vevay High School Alumni. A lot of old dear friends got to visit. A big crowd enjoyed the town.

  Patty Chase visited with Glenda Sullivan for the weekend as Glenda is still recovering from hip replacement surgery and is doing very well. Nathan and Donna Hughes brought them food and it was really good. Others brought her things and did errands. Neighbors are good to have. She had long phone calls with Evelyn Smith, Sue Westrick and Geneva Robinson and others. Callers at the house have been; Sylvia Byars, Jenny Green, Sue Turner, Donna Hughes, Carolyn Lowe, Patty Chase, Helen and Gene Park, Alberta and Charles Pickett, Tiffany Rininger, Denny Bowman, Rahe Jean Griffin, Richard and Janet Sullivan. She wants to thank everyone for the calls, cards, and drop ins.

  Bonnie Robinson and Larry Stewart had knee surgery and are doing well.

  Sympathy to the families of Jerry Smith, Dale Thompson, Carrie Magyar and Alan Harris.

  Judy Lozier and Nancy Johnson’s brother Willie Leach cut his wrist pretty bad.

  I have been getting reports of how good the festival and the Vevay Alumni were. I didn’t get to go to either and Glenda missed them to because of her hip surgery. I hope to hear more about them so we can get it in the Vevay paper.

  Margaret Lee Weidmann wants to thank Regina Turner, Kay O’Neal, Betty Hargrove and Lorraine Brown for their visits and good food. Cheryl Messmore and Randy and Ryan Brown also visited her. Margaret Lee said Jerrilyn VanWinkle is doing well.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth attended the funeral service for Dale Thompson at North Vernon on Thursday. We extend our sympathy to Danilee Thompson.

  Roy and Bonnie went camping at Clifty Falls on Friday with Mark and Rhonda Scott and went to the parade in Vevay with Kiersten, Kaden McClure and Kaege Cunningham and to a bridal shower in Rising Sun on Saturday for Bonnie’s nephew Clayton Truitt and Kelsie Shock.

  Bonnie Robinson told me that Liz Little has no cancer from her tests.