Florence News 08/19/2021


  Good morning from Florence. We have lost a good friend and neighbor, Joe Johnson passed away. He has spent most of his life in Florence. We will miss him. Florence won’t be the same without him.

  Glenda Sullivan, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Michael Smith, Mary Leo Archer and Linda May Jones visited Patty Chase.

  We have a get well list this week. Get well to Janet Brown, Charles Sigmon, Del Edwards, Deborah Kober, Janet Daugherty, Wendy Garvey and Carolyn Lowe. Get well prayers for them and others that I didn’t get their names.

  Sympathy to Bobby Martin family.

  Happy birthday to Donna Hughes and Bina Patel.

  Now that I’m living in Vevay I’m getting a bigger assortment of news. If you want your news in the Florence column call me or send a note to me at Apt. 131, Switzer Square, Vevay, Indiana, 47043.

  On Friday Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan made a drop-off at the Waters of Clifty Falls for Tracy Seale. She wanted chicken McNuggets, baked potato, small frosty and her large Diet Coke. They were not allowed to go in the nursing home to see Tracy but she called later and really enjoyed her lunch.

  Linda May Jones, Betty Hargrove and Patty Chase enjoyed the birthday party for Bina Patel at the Fairway Inn near Florence last week. Several others attended and stopped by to say Happy Birthday.