Florence News 08/08/2019


 Not much going on in our little town. Guess it’s been too hot for me. School will be starting soon so watch out for the little ones and maybe some big ones.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman have been visiting me helping with some chores and I really appreciate them.

  Glenda Sullivan’s niece Tracy Seale is still at the Waters of Clifty Falls at Madison. Her company last week was Cindy Gets, Devin and Clayton Seale, Steven and Judy Malone, Richard and Janet Sullivan (her parents), Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase. Glenda usually takes her some ice cream from one of the ice cream drive throughs.

  Delores Robinson from Bright visited Patty Chase on her way home from visiting her Uncle Harold Scranton and Louisa and others in Fairview and Vevay area.

  Bonnie and Roy Duckworth’s 3 1/2 year old granddaughter Maggie spent the week with them. She is Marc and Tehya’s daughter. Maggie and Bonnie had lunch with Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase on Thursday at Granny’s. Friday afternoon they visited Kiersten and Kaden McClure at Hanover for lunch.

  Patty Chase had a nice visit with Nadine Swift Saturday in Vevay. Nadine was on her way to work at the SCER.

  Patty had cataract surgery and it is doing good.

  Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Bobby Brown, Jerilyn and Earl VanWinkle and they also visited Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown.

  Get well prayers for James Brogan, Kay Marlman, Don Smith, and Joe Deck.

  I had a nice visit with Debby Gregory one evening sitting on the porch for a couple of hours getting caught up on the local news. Debby’s mom, Virginia Bear is doing pretty good. The kids visit her often.

  Sympathy to the Virginia Garvey Family.

  Judy Lozier said her and the girls had a great time at Tybee Island.