Florence News 08/01/2019


 Good morning from Florence. It’s a pretty day this Monday morning as I write the news.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth went to Hillsboro, Ohio Christian Family Camp for the week. They enjoyed great preaching, wonderful music and lots of fellowship. They camped with Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure, Kaege Cunningham, Gary and Barb Hornsby and others from the Kent Christian Church. During break time on Thursday Roy and Bonnie treated Michelle and the grand kids to a game of Putt Putt Golf and ice cream. Several people from this area attended and enjoyed the service.

  Happy first wedding anniversary to Dorothy and Cooper Howard. Dorothy is Roy and Bonnie’s and Rick and Toni Allen’s granddaughter.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had a driver come from Jeffersonville to take Patty for cataract surgery last week. He was really a good driver, Terry Northern. We also picked up Dan Craft in Hanover. They were really pleasant to ride with. Terry will pick us up again this week for more surgery for Patty.

  Judy, LeAnn and LoriAnn Lozier are spending a few days down South.

  Margaret Lee Weidmann said she is doing well but didn’t do anything news worthy this week.

  Don Smith is not well. He was moved to Swiss Villa last week. He came to church at Florence on Sunday and had dinner with the church bunch but got sick in the evening and had to go to a hospital. I don’t know which one or if he had to stay. Keep him in your prayers. He is 101 years old.

  The William G. And Mary Wiley family reunion was held June 3rd at Butler State Park. Attending was: Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Wiley, Connie Nigg and Zachary, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pickett, Ronnie Roberts, Steven Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Truesdell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Webb and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and Kayla and Janet Brown and Linda Brown.

  Janet Brown is dog sitting for a few weeks while Mike and Evan Brown tour the western states and Mexico.