Florence News 07/18/2021


We were at the lovely get together at the beautiful home of James and Rita Brogan Sunday. I didn’t get everyones names so Rita said she would get them for  me for next week’s report. We had a lot of visiting and a lot of delicious food. I hope to have more news on the week end in next week’s paper since I can’t get around too good to get with everyone that has news.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman visited a few times last week.

  Switzer Square had a nice meal Tuesday evening for the residents. It was catered by Cindy Welch and her group.

  Happy Birthday to Betty Lucas.

  On Wednesday Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan made a trip to Madison for “food delivery” to Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty Falls. Glenda actually was able to take the sandwich, fries and large coke to her room. It had been over a year with all the COVID concerns that visitors were allowed.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars and Glenda Sullivan had Sunday lunch at El Nopal in Carrollton.

  Sympathy to the Pat Miller family.