Florence News 07/18/2019


Its another hot day as I write the news on Monday morning. Not much going on here or at least no one is telling me their news.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty had a flat tire on Madison’s Michigan hill Wednesday evening and we had traffic backed up a long way. Two officers stopped to check on us, Officer Heaton and Officer Lee. We appreciated that. Roy and Bonnie Duckworth came and brought us back to Vevay (after we went to Frisch’s ). Her last tire was a little more that that. It had broke something Hans she had it towed to Big O where they had to keep it to get the piece. We were really thankful for so many stopping to help us. A young man named Shane Blevens tried to get the tire back on but it wouldn’t work. A young lady, Kimberly Smith from Kentucky also helped and we thank them.

  Bob and June Rice of Biggs, California arrived on July 8th to spend a few days doing business in Vevay, visiting with family and celebrating their anniversary of 26 years. On Tuesday June Rice, Pat Slack, Glenda Sullivan, Trey Gray, Lane Penick took a meal prepared by the ladies of the Center Square Baptist Church to residents of the Swiss Villa. Wednesday July 9th, June and Tammy Gray took Reta Gray to see her doctor in Madison and she was immediately admitted to KDH apparently having suffered a stroke. She responded amazingly well to treatment and was discharged home on Friday July 12th. Friday the 12th, June and Bob Rice along with Alice and Leon Gray, Evon and Reta Gray, Noel, Bridgett, Axel and Jax Gray, Tammy and Tracy Gray, April, Jeremy, Kaiden, Kenley and Colton Konkle, attended the fair to see Trey show his pigs. Reta insisted on going to support Trey so we took her using a wheel chair to get around, she did great. Then all went out to eat at Roxano’s for dinner. Saturday the same group minus Leon and Alice had a birthday celebration at the home of Jeff Gray, all off April’s children were celebrating July birthday’s. Joei and Kayla Gray were also present on Saturday. June and Bob enjoyed Sunday dinner and visiting with Pat and Bob Slack on Sunday. Sunday evening Pat Slack, Reta and Trey Gray, June and Bob Rice enjoyed the History of Hymn’s at the Hoosier Theatre in Vevay. The program was well done, very interesting, well attended and enjoyed by all. June and Bob will return to their home in California on Tuesday. 

  The Center Square Baptist Church had lasagna at the fair. They also brought 31 dinners to Switzer Square. The people there really appreciated it. Its as for a free will offering at the fair and Switzer Square. Everyone I talked to really liked it and was glad to get it again. 

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited Randy and Michelle McClure and family at Hanover on Saturday.

  LeAnn Lozier went to Panama City for a vacation and her mom Judy baby sat with the cat and dog. Judy and LeAnn Lozier spent some time swimming in LoriAnn’s pool.

  The Florence church bunch had Sunday dinner at Sunset Grill near Warsaw, Kentucky on Sunday.

  John and Vicky Baxter have moved from Florence, Kentucky to the Spring Bracnh area and have attended church at Florence, Indiana a few Sundays. It was nice to meet them.

  Leona Adams spent several days at the fair with her Home Ec projects and grands Luke’s animals.

  Dave Sandidge and two friends from Indianapolis visited Sunday with Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown. Margaret Lee had a nice phone call from Mollie and Logan in California.