Florence News 07/09/2020


 I hope everyone had a good and safe 4th. I didn’t see any pretty fireworks this year but we did hear some. I am living in Vevay now and it’s good — but I will miss Florence.

  I visited Bob and Agnes Wheeler one evening. They were doing good.

  Teresa Turner called to say she was in Norton’s Hospital in Louisville and at that time they said she may need surgery but I haven’t heard any more. Keep her in your prayers.

  I visited Rod and Angie Chase one evening. Angie’s sister from Madison was there, too. I have given them my cat because I didn’t want her to stay with me in my apartment in Vevay. They will take good care of her.

  I had a nice visit with Nadine Swift in Vevay one evening. We had supper together. It was a carry out from Mo’s, and it was really good.

  Charles and Alberta Pickett are in Alabama visiting family.

  Jerry Jewell’s family and friends all showed up to hear him sing on a corner in Vevay. Lots of other people were singing or playing on other corners, too. Denny and Mary Lou Bowman were in town to visit me and went the hear Jerry too.

  Denny and Mary Lou have really been a great help getting me moved and Glenda Sullivan has been helping too.

  Those who enjoyed Sunday lunch at Sunset Grill in Warsaw were: Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Judy Lozier, Ken and Sylvia Byars and Glenda Sullivan.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth enjoyed the three evening sessions of the Southern Indiana Family Rally this past week held at the Kent Christian Church in Kent, Indiana. Judy Lozier attended Thursday evening. Roy and Bonnie had the chance to visit with family and friends from the Tri-State area. The four day event, Wednesday evening through Saturday afternoon, included inspiring messages in word and song. The area ministers who organized the rally plan to make it an annual event.

  Sympathy to Winnie Embry family; also the Rick Green family and the Mariam Hammond family.