Florence News 07/02/2020


 Good morning from Florence and Vevay!

  I moved to Vevay last week after being in Florence over 50 years. I was raised in Vevay and around the area so I feel like I’ve come home after being in the Florence area for over 50 years and I will miss it especially the church and their activities. Denny and Mary Lou Bowman and others helped me move with Denny doing a lot of the hard and heavy work. I really appreciate them and all who helped!

  I got a nice phone call from Linda Scott Harrell telling me her brother Jerry Scott was in a bad bike accident out west where he lives. He had a lot of broken bones and other injuries. Keep him in your prayers. She said he is recovering slowly. We remember Jerry from the Hoosier Theater that the family had. He ran the movie projector while pretty young and the other kids also worked there, Bobby, Michael and Linda. I remember going to the Saturday afternoon show free until I was 6 years old then we had to pay $.05 to get in. It was a few years ago.

  Glenda Sullivan’s niece Tracy Seale is still at the nursing home in Madison. Glenda goes to visit some time but we can’t get in to see her so Glenda takes her a treat from Frisch’s and has to leave it with a worker and they will take it in. I hope we will get back to normal some day, and I hope to get back to writing the news better unless someone else wants to write the Florence news. Call me at (812) 427-2299 in interested. I’ll help you.

  Rod and Angie Chase visited me a few times last week. I visited them Sunday at their beautiful home near Florence. I had a nice visit with Shannon Jackson at the Florence Regional Sewer Office. Lynn Gibson and Debbie Gregory live across the road in Florence so we have been visiting and I will really miss them when I leave Florence. I will miss everyone there. I just about talked myself out of leaving, but it is time to move on.

  Sympathy to the family of Mary Higgins Roberts, Liz Little and Thelma Osborn. I know I’m a little late with some news and it may be a repeat until I get settled. Leona Adams visited me a couple times. Nadine Swift has visited and called in the last couple of weeks.

  Saturday evening Evelyn Mitchell Leath of Greenfield called to check on her Vevay friends and while talking to Patty, wanted her husband Paul put on the prayer list. He will be having surgery on Thursday.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth enjoyed camping over the weekend at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison with their friends from Kentucky. On Saturday, they attended a graduation party for Madison graduate, Ethan McQueen. Kiersten and Kaden McClure and Kaege Cunningham visited Roy and Bonnie at the campgrounds after the party. They got soaked driving over to the park in Kaege’s Jeep because the top of the jeep had been taken off for the day. They played Ghost Buster Monopoly in Roy and Bonnie’s camper while they waited for the rain to stop. Despite the rain, the campers were able to enjoy sitting around the campfire both evenings talking and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.