Florence News 06/27/2019


Patty Chase visited Denny and Mary Lou Bowman on Saturday afternoon, and on her way home she met up with Glenda Sullivan and had supper at the Warsaw Dairy Queen.

  Jim and Christine Burke will be moving from Florence back to Anderson, Indiana. They have been here several years and are going back home. We will miss them.

  Jeremy, Shannon, Nathan and Lauren Jackson spent a nice vacation in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth enjoyed the weekend camping at Hardy lake. Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure and friend Kaege visited them.

  Bob and Agnes Wheeler are not feeling well. Keep them in your prayers. Gary Wentworth and Joe Deck also.

  Happy birthday to Don Smith, Karen Wentworth and Alberta Pickett.

  Richard and Leona Adams attended the wedding of Kristin Adams and Todd Dietrich at Montgomery Farm at Underwood, Indiana. Leona’s daughter Vickie Meyer came in from Texas for a visit. Leona and Richard attended Leona’s Aunt Ginny’s 95th birthday.

  Cheryl Messmore and Bobby Brown spent a few days with mom Margaret Lee Weidmann. Cheryl returned home to Kentucky on Tuesday and Bobby returned home to Illinois on Thursday. Randy and Lorraine, Bobby and mom celebrated Randy’s 69th birthday Wednesday at Mo’s. Margaret Lee’s other company was Sloan, McKenzie, Carry and Chad Brown of Greenwell, South Carolina; Ryan Brown; Jason and Terri Messmore; Kay O’Neal and Betty Hargrove. Betty brought a delicious home cooked meal. Thanks Betty.

  Bobby Brown and mom Margaret Lee visited with a lot of friends at the American Legion in Vevay on Wednesday.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman visited Patty Chase one day.

  Lynn Gibson and Debbie Gregory visited Patty Chase Sunday evening and sat on the porch while it was raining so hard and got caught up on the local news.

  Florence Church of Christ will have its fifth Sunday dinner at the church this Sunday. Come and enjoy.