Florence News 06/18/20


Hello from Florence. This has been a big week for me as I am moving to Vevay. I hope I can still write the news until someone takes over for me.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman have really been a big help and are still helping. We had a big yard sale at my house in Florence. All my furniture is for sale that is still in the house. Call me if you would like to see it. (812) 594-2289 is my phone now but will be change soon, maybe. My cell phone is (812) 530-1012.

  We had a good day at church Sunday then several went to lunch at Sunset Grill and of course we could sit together but tried to stay the 6 feet apart.

  Was sorry to hear about the death of Liz Little. Liz was a good friend and relative. She came from a big family but they are about all gone. Sympathy to her family and friends.

  Sympathy also to the family of Tim Willis. Tim lived in Florence for many years and was a good friend to all. He has been away from Florence for a few years.

  On Tuesday Doris Chase had her 85th birthday. Her sister Daisy Swanson contacted several of Doris’ friends for a get together at Jennings Park in Vevay. Those who attended were: Pansy Covington, Carol Ann Sublett, Mary Jane Hankins, Marsha Patterson, Carolyn McClellan, Sue Turner, Jo Konkle and Glo Asbury. They sang Happy Birthday to Doris, she got some gifts and they enjoyed tacos and was fun for all.

  Get well wishes go out for Shirley White and all others.

  Glenda Sullivan and Bonnie Duckworth and others helped Patty, Denny and Mary Lou with the yard sale. Thanks to all! Denny and Mary Lou will be moving the Mary Kay Cosmetics that I have in stock to Vevay for me.