Florence News 05/28/20


 Denny and Mary Lou Bowman spent a few days with Patty Chase helping her with some work, which she really needed and really appreciated. They had lunch with Glenda Sullivan on Memorial Day at Granny’s. Denny and Mary Lou and Patty have enjoyed a lot of company looking at Patty’s house that is for sale.

  Jack White from Ohio visited Florence one day. We had a nice visit. He used to live in Florence. We talked about many that they both knew in Florence a long time ago. I told him that his sister-in-law in Vevay, Shirley White was having some health problems and he was really concerned about her. I don’t know if he had time to go on to Vevay to see her, but he will be back soon.

  Charles and Alberta Pickett are both recovering after their hospital and Swiss Villa stays. They are at home and have gone to Tennessee with Casey and Sheila Rininger and other family. Patty had a nice phone visit with Peggy Chase Sullivan of Austin Sunday night.

  On Thursday at “Granny’s” Eva Fette was surprised for her birthday by several of her friends. They were: Sue Turner, Carol Ann Sublett, Marsha Patterson, Glo Asbury and Daisy Swanson. They had a good time.

  Patty Chase, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman and Glenda Sullivan were at another table and were able to be in on the surprise also.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Randy, Michelle, Kaden and Kiersten McClure and Kaege Cunningham celebrate Kiersten and Kaden’s birthdays at Texas Roadhouse in Clarksville on Saturday. Kaden had been waiting for his birthday dinner since March when he turned 15. Sunday, for Kiersten’s birthday, she was surprised with a ceramic painting party at the Little Golden Fox in Madison. Later that evening between rain drops, Michelle and Randy hosted a cook out at their home for Kiersten’s birthday and Roy mad homemade ice cream.

  Get well prayers for Bill and Mary Roberts, Bonnie Wade, Faye Snyder, Geneva Robinson and Martha McKee.

  I hope to have more news next week.