Florence News 05/21/20


 Not much news from Florence this week. I haven’t been getting around much due to my back and legs hurting and no one calls with their news. We would love to hear the good things that you all are doing. It is good to read it in the Vevay paper as I have for many years.

  We went to church Sunday morning and had a few guests. It was good to visit with them. They said they would be back next week.

  I haven’t heard from Margaret Lee for a while. Hope they are all okay.

  Charles and Alberta Pickett were back in church on Sunday after spending a lot of time in the hospital and Swiss Villa. They were back to Granny’s for their weekend meals. They really like it there. We do too. 

  I have been spending time at my apartment in Vevay. I haven’t got moved in completely yet. Hope to soon. It is nice there. I really like it.

  Happy birthday to Roy Duckworth, Jonas Keith and all others.