Florence News 05/16/2019


On Saturday May 4th Tracy, Tammy, Taylor, Trey Gray, Michale Savage, Grandma Rita Craigmyle, and Grandma Reta Gray attended the graduation service which Tanner Gray was in at the University of Indianapolis. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. There was 500 graduates on Saturday and 500 on Friday. We are all very proud of Tanner’s accomplishments.

  Mother’s Day was celebrated at Crossroads in Versailles with a lunch celebrated by Rita Craigmyle, Tammy Gray, Tanner, Trey and Taylor Gray, Michael Savage, Bridgette, Axel and Jaxson, McKayla, Christina, Kyla Oeffinger, Joei Gray, Jeff Gray, Evon and Reta. It was a good meal and a very good time.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase got to visit with Linda Poling and Dale one day at Frisch’s. Dale is doing pretty well. Mike is not doing as well. We send get well prayers out for them. Others on our ‘get well’ list are: Connie Thies, Cheryl Dixon, Albert Detmer, Alberta Pickett, Stewart Fritter and Shirley Neal.

  LeAnn Lozier, LoriAnn Lozier and Nancy Johnson visited Judy Lozier Sunday. They brought her flowers and went to church with her at Florence.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth spent Friday night at Clifty Inn. Saturday morning they had breakfast with Kiersten and Kaden McClure at Bob Evans. Saturday night they had supper with Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure at King Fish for Mother’s Day and Roy’s birthday.

  Bonnie received flowers at school from Marc and Tehya for Mother’s Day. Melissa called and texted to say Happy Mother’s Day.

  Richard and Janet Sullivan had a nice Mother’s Day dinner at their home near Westport with Jeanette and Squeaky Knaus, Christy Knaus, Addie Hinman, Patty Chase, Tracy, Clayton and Devin Seale, Cindy Gets, Glenda Sullivan.

  Carolyn Lowe and Carla Harsin attended the Kyle Green and Shea Dickerson wedding at Elks Winery at Owenton on Saturday.

  We met a nice couple while visiting Fairway Inn. John and Bonnie Falcon from Louisiana are working in the area for a while.

  Dale and Danilee Thompson from North Vernon were at the Florence Church on Sunday. Both are doing well.

  Cheryl Messmore is visiting her mom, Margaret Lee Weidmann, for a few days. Randy and Lorraine also visited them. Other company was: Kathleen Bolton, Kay O’Neal, Diane Brown, Jason Messmore and his wife Terri, Ryan Brown, AJ, Gavin, Lisa and Shawn Messmore, Paul Messmore and Julie and Brandon Messmore and Megan and Niko Ferreira. Margaret Lee enjoyed her phone call with Allen Deuvou. Margaret Lee said thanks to all for their phone calls and cards.