Florence News 05/14/20


 Not much news from Florence today. I’m sure people are doing things but they don’t tell and I can’t report it if I’m not sure about it.

  We had a good church service Sunday, as usual. I’m always glad to be there. Rita Brogan told us about her new grand baby and what a hard time they had but they are okay now and at home, Andrea’s baby.

  Judy Lozier’s daughter was with her at church, for Mother’s Day. Good to see her.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman have visited me a few times in the past weeks and helped me with some chores that I have a hard time getting done. I really appreciate them. He is my nephew.

  On Sunday afternoon Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport dropped by to visit with Jeanette and Squeaky Knaus of East Enterprise and Glenda Sullivan of Vevay. They also stopped at. The New Liberty Cemetery and the Vevay Cemetery.