Florence News 04/07/2022


  Hello from the Florence area. Its been pretty quiet here. I didn’t get any news from anywhere this week. I hope someone will help me or take over this column.

  Glenda helps out and we take the written copy to the news office on Monday morning and then we find some place to eat lunch in Vevay and enjoy the day out. Sometimes someone tells me what they did and say don’t put that in the paper. I don’t put that in the paper. I don’t put it in but get a little gossip. Just funny stuff.

  The Florence Church of Christ bunch, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Nancy Johnson, Gary and David Wentworth and Glenda Sullivan all enjoyed Sunday at Mo’s.

  On Friday Glenda Sullivan called Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison for what she would like to have brought in to eat. Tracy always has her menu ready and tells Glenda not to forget her Diet Coke.

  Happy Birthday wishes to Janet Sullivan, Jeanette Knaus, Sharon Deck, Teresa Turner, and Beverly Davis.

  Saturday morning Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Glenda Sullivan had breakfast at Granny’s. Patty didn’t feel like going.