Florence News 03/18/2021


  Hello from the Florence area. It is cold this Monday morning. The T.V. is showing all the snow out West. It’s March so we can get anything. The hot summer will be here before long so we can complain about that. 

  I’m glad I chose Switzer Square when I moved to Vevay, I have the best neighbors. Mary Leo Archer is near me and she is a really good cook. She tries new recipes and shares with others here. Glenda Sullivan visits me a lot and is lucky enough to be here when Mary Leo brings us a treat. Thanks Mary.

  Leona Adams just called and said her and Richard just got home after four days in Virginia Beach. They stayed one night in Lexington, West Virginia and another is Huntington, West Virginia and enjoyed the Blue Ridge Mountains and had a wonderful time. She also said the Florence Ladies Home Ec. meetings should start soon. Sylvia Byars is in charge of the Home Ec. Group and her husband Ken is very sick right now. Keep him in your prayers.

  Get well prayers and wishes for Ken Byars, Jean Burgess, Beverly Stoops, Carolyn Hysell and all others in need.

  The Florence Church group and friends and a good dinner at Mo’s Sunday. Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Glenda Sullivan, Judy Lozier, Nancy Johnson, Gary Monday and Patty Chase all enjoyed the dinner and visit.

  Betty Hargrove’s family took her to LaGrange, Kentucky to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday Betty.

  Nadine Swift visited Patty Chase one evening. Glenda Sullivan visited Patty Chase one evening. Glenda Sullivan visited her several times.

  Sharon Patterson took her mom Inez to church while Richard and Leona Adams were on vacation.