Florence News 03/14/2019


Its a pretty sunshine morning as I write the news this Monday.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, all the Florence Church and all the area people are keeping Roger Nay in their prayers. Glad to hear he has had the surgery and in recovering.

  LoriAnn Lozier spent Friday with her mom Judy Lozier and went out for lunch LeeAnn Lozier spent Saturday with Judy and also went out for lunch. Judy is able to walk pretty good now, carefully.

  Mark Scott came to Florence Church Sunday and had lunch with the group. He was going to make homemade bread that afternoon (his own recipe) while Rhonda was at work.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure went to Clarksville. Saturday to celebrate Kaden’s 14th birthday at Bubba’s. Happy Birthday Kaden!

  Kay Cook, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase joined the Carrollton girls for a Red Hat lunch at Butler Park last week.

  Lorraine Brown and Floyd Wiltz had supper at Red Lobster Saturday to celebrate Floyd’s birthday. Happy birthday Floyd.

  Margaret Lee Weidmann company was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Kathleen Bolton, Kay O’Neal, Jason Messmore and Floyd Wiltz.

  Our get well prayers go out to Sarah McCreary, Roger Nay, Jonas Keith, Barry York, Carolyn Lowe, Clayton Seale, and all in need.

  Sympathy the Irma Whitham and Kathy Burton families.

  Danilee Thompson is able to walk a little after a broken leg. Prayers for her. Hope to see her and Dale back in Florence and church soon.