Florence News 03/07/2019


 Good cold morning from Florence. I’m glad we didn’t get much snow.

  It’s good to see Judy Lozier walking again. She has to be careful with the broken ankle but at least she is moving around. Danilee Thompson also broke her leg about the same time as Judy and she is getting better and can walk a little, very carefully. Get well to them.

  Sixteen church members and friends of Florence Church of Christ enjoyed a really good meal at Mo’s Sunday after morning  service.

  Glenda Sullivan’s niece Tracy Seale has been in the nursing home at Madison for a while, and now her husband Clayton is in ICU at Seymour with possibly congestive heart failure. Their boy Devin is staying with grandparents, Richard and Janet Sullivan. Keep them in your prayers.

  Patty Chase visited Linda Jones at the Fairway Inn. She also visited Tina Patel at Fairway as she and Mukash had just returned from a two week vacation in Hawaii.

  Kay Cook said the “Tea for Toni” will be Sunday March 31st at 1 p.m. at the Schenck Mansion in memory of Toni Kniola. Get tickets before March 24th from Kay. I also have some tickets for $20. Call Kay at (812) 594-2281.

  I had a nice phone visit with Reta Gray. She had been to visit Cathy Hart. Evon and Reta also went to the visitation for Mike Hart. We extend sympathy to the Hart family. Sympathy also to the Judy McAlister Firth family and the Colleen Lozier family.

  We need someone to take over the shoe factory reunion. Please call soon if you will do it. I am not able and Glenda is not either but we will help and give advice. Call me at (812) 594-2289 or Glenda at (812) 427-3752 soon, thank you.

  Bernice Koons, Bob and Mary Florence Koons, Richard and Brenda Koons, Renny Koons, Mary Jane, Jennifer, Tyler and Kaitlyn, David Hunt, Dennis Hunt, Wayne and Kathy Hunt, Doug, Melinda and Lauren Hunt, Clarence and Ramona Hunt, Dave and Theresa Akridge, Kiersten and Klarissa Cox Adrienne and Logan, Eric and Brianna, Kelly, Tina, Kaege Cunningham and Alerionna and Howard and Roberta Young all enjoyed a soup and sandwich get together on February 23rd at the Florence Firehouse. They always enjoy their time together.