Florence News 02/20/2020


 Roy and Bonnie Duckworth’s little granddaughter Maggie spent the weekend with them and came to church with them so we all got to visit with her. She lives in Kentucky.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had lunch at the Thirsty Lemon at East Enterprise. It was good. Valentine’s Day they had lunch at the Sweet and Savory Blessings in Carrollton, Kentucky. It was also very good and a nice restaurant on the street near the river.

  Happy birthday and get well wishes for Charles Pickett.

  Patty Chase visited with Linda May Jones at the Fairway Inn near Florence. Linda said her brother Jerry and Robin Jewell also visited and her mother Betty Hargrove stopped in one day.

  Keith Little spent several days in the hospital and is home now. I spoke to him this morning (Monday) and he said he is feeling better after having on the these Ohio Valley viruses. Get well prayers for him.

  Cheryl Messmore visited mom and family for a few days. Other company of Margaret Lee was: Lorraine, Randy and Ryan, Joe Johnson, Kay O’Neal, Jason, Terri and Frankie Messmore and Patty Chase.

  Thanks to Peggy Catanzaro for the delicious danish.

  Sympathy to the Darrell Brown family