Florence News 02/14/2019

It took winter a while to get here and I’ve had enough. How about you?


It took winter a while to get here and I’ve had enough. How about you?

  I had a nice phone call from Jodie Winslow of Rising Sun. She enjoys the Vevay paper. Also a long phone call with Kay Cook. She said the Red Hats will meet Friday February 15th at Captain Hooks in Carrollton. Hope to see you there.

  Alberta Pickett, Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger attended the funeral of Alice “Wiley” Heath, Alberta’s sister at Anderson on Sunday. Janet Brown and her daughter Sharon Parker also attended. Janet said the church was really nice and had a really good meal for them. They all got home late Sunday night and Sharon had to drive on to Lexington, Kentucky. They did run into snow. Sympathy to Alice’s family. Several niece and nephews and other relatives were there and many friends.

  Margaret Lee Wiedmann’s company was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Kathleen Bolton, Floyd Wiltz, Kay O’Neal and Jason and Paul Messmore.

  Friday afternoon Glenda Sullivan visited Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty Falls at Madison. Tracy said her visitors during the week was Janet and Richard Sullivan, Steve and Judy Malone, Jennifer Craig, Sondra Hyde, Clayton and Deven Seale.

  Betty Hargrove, Linda Jones, PJ Jones, Annie and the kids had Sunday dinner at Belterra.

  Nadine Swift and Patty Chase went to Indianapolis last Monday evening on business and had supper in Shelbyville.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had dinner at Belterra with the Carrollton Red Hat ladies on Wednesday. Those who attended were: Carolyn Perkins, Pat Montgomery, Milly Fernald, Cookie Louden, Pat Perkins and Sue Westrick attended.

  Get well to Joe Johnson, Jeanette Knaus, Judy Lozier, Colleen Lozier, Charles and Alberta Pickett.

  Happy birthday to Chuck Pickett. Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure in Hanover on Friday.

  Sympathy to the Eddie Trinkle family in Virginia. Good friends to Vevay. They lived here a long time and went to school with most of us.