Florence News 02/06/2020


We were sorry to hear our dear friend Mary Ruth (Brett) Poling died. She was a Vevay girl but moved to Rising Sun after she got out of school in Vevay and Married Clyde “Gink” Poling. We were good friends a long time. Sympathy to the family.

  Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase went to the visitation for Mary Ruth on Monday. She will be missed.

  Rod and Angie Chase have visited Patty Chase several times and helped her with some chores. Thanks to them. I don’t have much news this week. I hope people send or call me if they have news. You know we all want to know whats going on around us. Thank you!

  Bonnie Duckworth celebrated her birthday Sunday with Nancy Johnson, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Charles and Alberta Pickett, and David and Gary Wentworth.

  Martha McKee fell a few days ago and I don’t think she was hurt real bad. Get well prayers for her. Also prayers for Geneva Robinson and Sharon Deck.