Florence News 01/30/2020


 I know I said I wouldn’t be writing the Florence news anymore but when the paper came out without it I felt bad and no one has said they would help me. So here I am again. I do hope they do. We need the area news. I’ve been reading it for many years before I started writing it when Evelyn Hatton had to quit about 25 years ago.

  I had a really good birthday a couple of weeks ago (January 20th). My friends all helped me celebrate. I am fortunate to have so many good friends. Nadine Swift took me to Florence, Kentucky on the day of my birthday and we had supper and met with her daughter Jane and husband Steve. It was a good evening. We rode around in Florence then came back to Florence, Indiana and visited with Linda Jones at the Fairway Inn. Glenda Sullivan also bought my supper at Granny’s. Thanks to all. The Florence Church of Christ also had a dinner.

  On Monday, Bonnie Duckworth, Glenda Sullivan, Judy Lozier, her sister Nancy Johnson and Karen Wentworth had a birthday lunch at Mo’s for my birthday and we included Mo because his birthday was the day before. He got all of us a piece of his good bread pudding. Thanks Mo.

  Margaret Lee Weidmann, Randy and Lorraine Brown’s company last week was; Kay O’Neal, Ryan Brown, Logann Bovard and daughter Kyle, Nancy Manuel and Jerilyn and Earl VanWinkle. One afternoon Lorraine and Randy went to Lawrenceburg for a doctor appointment.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase went to Debbie Gregory’s mothers Virginia Bear visitation at Morgan Nay in Madison Sunday. They had lunch at Ponderosa later. Our sympathy to the family.

  I know I’ve probably forgot some but not feeling too good so maybe I can catch up next week.