Florence News 01/28/2021


Good morning from Florence. Not much news today. The weather has been really nice.

  I’m still at Switzer Square and have had several drop-ins for company. Mary Archer was here after she came home from being in the hospital and staying for awhile with her family. She is doing good and looked good too. Glenda Sullivan was here to visit with Mary.

  I have visited with Linda May Jones and PJ Jones as they went past my door. Linda has an apartment here. She is my niece, so maybe she will look after me (I need it).

  I went to Madison one day with Glenda to visit with her niece Tracy Seale. She is at the same Waters Nursing home that Charles Pickett is. We took Charles and Tracy a treat from Wendy’s.

  Bonnie and Roy Duckworth had supper with Randy and Michelle McClure and Kaden Friday evening at Hanover.

  Get well prayers for Linda Poling, Mike Poling, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Carolyn Hysell, Carolyn Lowe and Martha McKee.

  I got a really nice birthday gift from Denny and Mary Lou Bowman. Thanks for that and all the cards from several. Glenda bought my dinner at Bob Evans in Madison. Thanks!