Florence News 01/19/2023


  Good morning from Florence.

  We didn’t get any news called in this week. I really appreciate everyone that does call their news in.

  Glenda Sullivan helps bring the news in and that helps. Glenda and Mary Archer visit me a lot and I enjoy their conversations.

  Seventeen members of Mary Archer’s family gathered at the Stadium last Tuesday evening to celebrate her 86th birthday and enjoyed good food. Happy birthday to Mary.

  Sympathy to the Rick Dalgleish family and the Billy Romans family.

  Happy birthday to Patty Chase on January 20th.

  On Sunday lunch was at 88 King Buffet in Madison for Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Nancy Johnson, Judy Lozier, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth and Mark Scott.

  Get well wishes for Bernie Gaudin, Gene Crabtree and Leona Adams.

  On Friday going to Madison to see Tracy Seale at the Waters the weather couldn’t decide whether to rain or snow or both. It wasn’t a nice day to be out but Tracy got her lunch and large Diet Coke.

  Have a good week.