Florence News 01/12/2023


  Hello from the Florence area. I didn’t get to Florence much last week so I hope all is well there.

  I did enjoy a long phone call from Delores Robinson, She is Harold Scranton’s niece and a good friend. She used to work with so many of us at the U.S. Shoe factory in Vevay.

  Edna Pearl Clark Spencer also called just to ask about her old friends. She reads the paper if anyone wants to say anything to her. I don’t have her address.

  I had a pretty good fall the other day in my living room and I don’t know if I’m making sense. Hope you will put up with if I don’t get things right and let me know so I can count it. Maybe Edna Pearl will call again.

  My drop ins were Mary Archer, Wilma Turner and Glenda Sullivan. It is alway good to have company.

  Sympathy to the Donald Thomas family, Mary Byrd family and Mark Kirkpatrick family.

  On Sunday lunch at Mo’s was enjoyed by Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Gary and David Wentworth and Glenda Sullivan. Some of the others that usually have lunch were either sick or had other plans. Glenda took Patty Chase at Switzer Square some cheese potatoes and cabbage.

  Happy Birthday to Mary Archer.

  On Friday Glenda Sullivan got to see Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison. She hadn’t been able to get there for 3 or 4 weeks because of the weather and back problems. They had a good visit as Tracy at her lunch and was drinking her large Diet Coke.

  Take care of yourself and others.