Florence News 01/09/2020


Good morning from Florence and I hope everyone is having a happy New Year. Christmas Day guests of Bud and Betty Hargrove were: Linda, PJ, Annie, Jason and Jasmine Jones, David Martin, Maddie Smith, Davey Leap, Gerald and Debbie Barnes, Mohammed Moussa and Jerry Jewell. Robin Jewell had to work and could not be there.

  Patti Leap spent Christmas with her daughter Amber and husband in Louisville.

  Betty Hargrove, Linda, Jason and Jasmine Jones was in Florence, Kentucky last Thursday for Betty’s doctor appointment. All is well.

  Malcolm Markland and Pam Acton invited Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan to join them for brunch at Granny’s one day. Malcolm’s treat, thanks Malcolm.

  John Kniola called to say he enjoyed his talk with Santa Claus and he is a believer. Two days later he got his pretty convertible.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth attended the Christmas Eve service at Kent Christian Church. Afterglow was at Randy and Michelle McClure’s house in Hanover. On Christmas Day Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure had Christmas dinner with Bonnie and Roy Duckworth. That evening Marc, Tehya and Maggie came. Melissa called that morning from Mississippi. Roy and Bonnie celebrated there 42nd wedding anniversary in Florence, Kentucky.

  LeAnn, LoirAnn and Jose spent Christmas at home with Judy Lozier. Then Judy, LoriAnn and Nancy went to Willie’s to celebrate with them on Friday. Nancy and Willie went to his sons house on Christmas Day. We all enjoyed the holidays.

  Randy and Lorraine visited Jason Messmore and family in Lawrenceburg on Friday afternoon. Margaret Lee’s company was Randy, Lorraine, Ryan and Kay O’Neal. Bobby visited mom and family a few days and then returned home on Saturday. Sunday afternoon, Brandon and family came bringing grandma gifts. Julie made blueberry muffins and Margaret Lee’s favorite candy. Allen Devore and Diane South brought some delicious food. Melody Reece, Diane Brown, Betty Hargrove, Shawn and Lisa Messmore, Joyce Atwood, Jason and Terre and Frankie Messmore also visited Margaret Lee.

  We need get well prayers for Joe Johnson. I will have the Brogan Christmas next week. I misplaced it. The family did go to Zionsville, Indiana for the visitation and funeral for Patricia Sheets. I’ll have more about that, too.

  Thanks to Pat and crew for the lovely planter for Christmas. They are still pretty.