Florence News 01/07/2021


 Smitty at Switzer Square fixed a really good dinner to share. Patty and Glenda got some and others. It was really good. He said he likes to cook. Thanks Smitty.

  Get well prayers go out for Alberta Pickett, Helen Parks, Mary Leo Archer.

  Brenda Peelman, Bonnie Duckworth, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase enjoyed lunch at Granny’s one day. Jacey Peelman joined them after she got off work.

  Jerry and Robin Jewell , Herman Surber, Linda Jones, Jim from Kentucky and others visited Bud and Betty Hargrove.

  Patty Chase got a nice call from Kay Cook from Florida. She also got a call from Lisa Jewell from Cincinnati.

  Sympathy for the Clyde “Gink” Poling family of Rising Sun. Gink was a good friend who used to live in Florence as a young boy.

  Linda May Jones has moved to Switzer Square. We have two Linda Jones’ here now. Linda May was a Jewell and Patty’s niece. Now we can visit more.

  Wednesday evening Roy and Bonnie Duckworth celebrated their 43rd anniversary with a meal at Jewell’s in Warsaw. Happy Anniversary to them.

  Geneva Robinson received over 60 birthday cards — and each day more arrive for her. She had many phone calls, flowers, visits and food. Happy number 95 years young Geneva.

  Sunday Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at Mi Viejo in Carrollton.