Florence News 01/05/2023


  Good morning from Florence on this January Monday morning.

  Hope everyone is okay. I’m not! I spent a little time at Kings Daughters Hospital. Not sure what was wrong. I’m feeling a little better. Glenda Sullivan and Rahe Jean Griffin came to bring me home about 9 p.m. I stayed overnight with Glenda to be on the safe side. I really thank them for looking out for me.

  Also, thanks to Mary Archer for being a good neighbor. Earlier in the week she shared her bread pudding with me and helped out at my apartment while I was getting ready to go to the doctor and road with Glenda to Dr. Frede’s office.

  There was an early Christmas dinner on December 18th at Billie Green’s house. Those present were: Vickie Green, Cindy Turner, Jamie, Kimber and Kelsea Green, Joei Gray, McKayla, Kristen and Kayla, Samuel White and Steven Poling. Even Teddy, Tessa and Bear (the dogs) had a good time.

  Mr. and Mrs. Joey Green of Popcorn Ridge hosted a Christmas dinner in their recently remodeled lovely home for the following: Billie Green, Vickie Green, Adam and Brenna Pietrykowski, Andrew, Corbin, Emmett and Gabby; Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Rick, Gavin, Noa and Navy. Randy and Michelle White, Samuel and Jackson, Kyle and Shea Green, Amalie; and Joe McManis. Lot of good food and gifts were exchanged.

  Get well wishes for Lana Kelly and Patty Chase.

  Evelyn Mitchell Leath from Greenfield called Glenda Sullivan to check on everyone after all the bad weather and also to send Christmas wishes to all.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth 45th wedding anniversary was Friday. Marc, Maggie, and Lillie Duckworth took them to lunch Saturday at Empress of China in Madison. Happy anniversary to Roy and Bonnie.

  A birthday party for 7 year old Maggie Duckworth was held Saturday at her grandparents home. Rick and Toni Allen on Fishing Worm. Several family members and friends were there. Happy Birthday Maggie.

  Hope 2023 is good to you.