‘First Responder’ program in place at Patriot VFD


The Patriot Volunteer Fire Department Inc. would like to give a big thanks to all that have helped make its “First Responder” program successful.

First off, we want to recognize and thank our dedicated members of the past and present Patriot Volunteer Fire Department Inc, who without their service to community since 1924, we would not be at our present level of service.

We would like to thank EMS Director Randy See and office manager Laurice See. They were both instrumental in helping us get our “First Responder” program up and running. Both supported us by seeing to it that all of the required state paperwork, certifications, state inspection were filed and spending a lot of their personal time helping out.

Additionally, Switzerland County EMS agreed to restock all of our EMS supplies, establish protocols and provide continuing training and education.

That was just the beginning. Once we got those tasks completed Patriot Volunteer Fire Department then outfitted its brush unit 651 with a toolbox big enough to carry all of our emergency medical supplies which was built by RKO in Madison.

East Enterprise Volunteer Fire Department donated a stokes basket to help complete the truck. We then won a mini grant to help purchase a required automatic external defibrillator (AED). A big thank you to the Community Foundation of Switzerland County for the $500 grant.

After many runs and approximately five months later we were notified of another possible donation. After receiving a call from Randy See, he said the Switzerland County EMS Board of Directors had decided to purchase a new truck to replace the older ALS Durango.

They also wanted to donate the surplus Durango to the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department, which we very graciously accepted. So with the donation of the Durango, our goals were reached.

About a week later, the annual United Fund breakfast was held and Board President Ken Bennett and other attending board members presented $1,000 to Patriot Volunteer Fire Department. We used that money to letter and equip the truck with needed supplies. Thank you, United Fund.

The Durango 681 is used as a first responder vehicle, command vehicle and has proved to be a great asset to our fleet of equipment. Further, it is equipped with light water rescue equipment as well as our 651 brush unit.

This just goes to show you when a community puts their resources together little things can turn into a big success. Presently, members of Patriot Volunteer Fire Department are remodeling a bay to house the unit efficiently inside our existing building.

Patriot Volunteer Fire Department has two basic EMTs and two first responders as well as three certified drivers. Other firefighters give assistance as needed for lifting and other duties. An upcoming first responder class should increase our number of responders. Anyone interested in taking the class should contact George Miller or Will Hutchinson.

With all of that, Patriot Volunteer Fire Department applies a big round of applause to Switzerland County Council, Switzerland County Commissioners, Switzerland County EMS, Community Foundation of Switzerland County, United Fund, East Enterprise Volunteer Fire Department and our members. Without all of your help none of this could be possible.

Once again ,Thank You from the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

George Miller