Firefighters’ entrapment exercise part of documentary


Lights. Camera. Action!

If you noticed a camera crew roaming in Rising Sun or in the fields the weekend of May 7th, you may see yourself on the big screen someday.

The crew was following Adam Fox and the operations of Fox Farms on the northern edge of Rising Sun. It was a idea of Marshall Burnett, who wrote a story inspired by actual grain rescues where “a whole town comes together to rescue these boys in 24 hours.”

Burnett and producer Samuel Goldberg have joined to produce a documentary that they hope will attract funding for a movie.

Burnett heard about Rising Sun from his wife who knew a girl in Nashville who was from Rising Sun.

That’s when he came to Rising Sun last year and met Adam Fox to do research.

Adam, the youngest son of Sam and Marilyn (Turner) Fox, agreed to allow the cameras to follow him around.

“I wanted to see the whole process including safety and finances in the industry,” said Burnett. In addition, the crew followed 18-year old Switzerland County youth Clay Althoff.

The highlight of the weekend filming was an entrapment exercise in a farm trailer. They filmed inside a silo at Sam Fox’s farm then staged the entrapment in the Fox barn.

Members of the Aurora Fire Department helped out by using the documentary as an opportunity to doe grain entrapment training.

Mike Wallace, 33, of the Aurora Fire Department led the training exercise. Chad Gibbs played the victim partially submerged. Brad Disbro, Jerry Kinnett and Cary Jodice assisted in the exercise.

Firefighters on film or in person hope to educate local farmers. Every minute matters.