FFA celebrates success at banquet, chapter again among the state’s best


The Switzerland County FFA chapter has been among the best in Indiana for many years, and at last summer’s State Convention, the chapter earned the distinction of being the second best chapter in the state.

Again this year, the chapter has been notified that it is in the “Top 10”, the top 10 chapters who will undergo screening by a panel of experts, who will determine which chapter is the state’s best for this school year.

Last Thursday night, the Switzerland County FFA chapter celebrated its year with its annual Spring Banquet. The banquet honored FFA members who earned awards and degrees.

Senior Elizabeth Hon provided special entertainment prior to the beginning of the awards; and the featured speaker of the evening was Keith Konradi of Jac-Cen-Del High School, who is this year’s District 12 President.

Switzerland County senior Abby Lanman is the District 12 Secretary.

Along with honoring members of the chapter, the FFA also presented several special awards to members of the community and school staff who have been helpful to the chapter.

This year’s Citation Award was presented to Switzerland County High School Director of Guidance Denise Loaring; and Darrell and Sharon Hansel were presented with Honorary Chapter Degrees. Katie Collier was honored by the chapter with the Distinguished Service Award.

The two highest honors that the chapter bestows on its members are the Star in Agribusiness Award and the Star in Agriscience Award.

Emily Hehe earned the Star in Agribusiness Award; and Abby Lanman earned the Star in Agriscience Award. Both are seniors in the chapter. Daniel Welch was honored as the Star Greenhand, which is awarded to the most outstanding first year chapter member.

Other awards presented included:

— Soils Judging: Jarrod Albright, Emily Hehe, Bryan Levell, Kyle Loaring, Ryan Paradise, Daniel Welch, and Matt Wegman.

— Crops Judging: Jarrod Albright, Bryan Levell, Ryan Paradise, Matt Wegman, and Daniel Welch.

— Forestry Judging: Clint Clements, Jake Haskell, Emily Hehe, Lauren Kinne, Melissa Kinne, Abby Lanman, Kyle Loaring, and Josh Wegman.

— Livestock Judging: Kaleesa Archer, Jake Haskell, Daniel Welch, and Brittany Bright.

— Dairy Judging: Jennifer Deaton, Kayla Jackson, Ryan Paradise, Chris Pierce, Travis Rose, Matt Wegman, and Katie Wright.

— Welding: Clint Clements, Andy Lucas, Ryan Paradise, and Matt Wegman.

— Middle School FFA Officers: president, Crystal Jackson; vice president, Emily Lanman; secretary, Brittany Morton; treasurer, Haley Hanson; reporter, Tabitha Arnoldy; sentinel, Corey Lay; and student advisor, Nick Chase. Kyle Weaver is the sponsor of the middle school FFA chapter.


— Ag Production: Clint Clements and Sara Craig; Food Science: Emily Hehe and Daniel Welch; Horticulture: Zach Getz and Kyle Loaring; Natural Resources: Ryan Paradise and Matt Wegman.

— Speeches: Creed Speaking: Emilee Waldron; Extemporaneous Speaking: Mattie Waddle; Freshman Extemporaneous Speaking: Jake Haskell; Public Speaking: Sara Craig; and Freshman Public Speaking: Daniel Welch.

— Job Interview: Abby Lanman; Female Leadership Ambassador: Emily Hehe; Quiz Bowl: Sara Bovard, Lauren Kinne, Jake Haskell, and Michael Haas; Talent: Elizabeth Hon; Multimedia Scrapbook: Jennifer Deaton and Katie Wright; Exhibit: Matt Wegman, Ryan Paradise, and Kyle Meredith; Ag Issues: Mattie Waddle, Clint Clements, and Sara Craig.

— Parliamentary Team: Jake Haskell, Sara Bovard, Michael Haas, Lauren Kinne, Brandon Otter, April Thieman, and Megan McCarty.

— Proficiency Winners: Ag Communication: Emily Hehe; Ag Processing: Ryan Paradise; Specialty Crop: Clint Clements; Beef Production: Kaleesa Archer; Environmental Science: Melissa Kinne; Forestry: Brandon Henderson; Specialty Animal: Sara Craig.

— Citrus Sales: first: Bryan Levell; second, Daniel Welch; third, Michael and Brandon Otter.

— Leadership Awards: Jake Haskell, Kaleesa Archer, Clint Clements, and Emily Hehe.

— Scholastic Awards: Daniel Welch, Sara Craig, Melissa Kinne, Megan Lohide.

— “I Dare You” Leadership Awards: Brittany McGownd, Matt Wegman, B.J. Shelton, Mattie Waddle.

— New Horizon Awards: Sara Bovard, Bryan Levell, Zach Getz, and Jarrod Albright.

— Greenhand Degrees: Josh Abdon, Sara Bovard, Nathan Courter, Asia Covington, Michael Haas, Brittany Hall, Brittany Hankins, Jake Haskell, Lauren Kinne, Megan McCarty, Brittany McGownd, Jacob Miller, Brandon Otter, Chris Pierce, Amber Smith, April Thieman, Codey Turner, Justin Wagner, Emilee Waldron, Daniel Welch, Katie Wright, and Shantel Yeary. Top finishers: first, Daniel Welch; second, Jake Haskell; third, Lauren Kinne.

— Chapter Degrees: Kaleesa Archer, Sara Craig, Michael Fox, Zach Getz, Brandon Henderson, Dustin Higgins, D.J. Hunt. Holly Jackson, Kayla Jackson, Jason Laib, Bryan Levell, Kyle Loaring, Ryan Paradise, Allan Paris, Travis Rose, Julie See, B.J. Shelton, Travis Webster, Josh Wegman, Matt Wegman, and Jason York.

— State Degrees: Clint Clements and Emily Hehe.

— American Degrees: Zachary Brogan and Marcus Galbreath.

— Senior Officer Parent Recognition: Bobbie Jo Craig, Megan Lohide, Abby Lanman, Jennifer Deaton, Emily Hehe.

— 2004-2005 Officers: president, Emily Hehe; vice president, Melissa Kinne; secretary, Abby Lanman; treasurer, Jennifer Deaton; reporter, Megan Lohide; sentinel, Justin Thomas; student advisor, Kaleesa Archer; chapter chairman, Kayla Jackson; and student chairman, Clint Clements.

— 2005-2006 Officers: president, Melissa Kinne; vice president, Daniel Welch; secretary, Kaleesa Archer; treasurer, Sara Craig; reporter, Zach Getz; sentinel, Clint Clements; student advisor, Jake Haskell; assistant secretary/treasurer, Katie Wright; chapter chairman, Brittany McGownd; student chairman, Kayla Jackson; community chairman, B.J. Shelton; Greenhand/Middle School chairman, Brandon Otter.