Fans admired


To the Editor:

I want to compliment Switzerland County Athletic Director Kent Dunning, Principal Derek Marshall, the Switzerland County student-body cheer block, parents of players, and spectators who attended the 2006 boys’ basketball sectional at Southwestern High School for displaying positive sportsmanship during the tournament, but particularly in the championship game.

With the student cheer block section and adult seating areas full, in a near 4,000-seat gym, it was obvious that Switzerland County brought the largest fan base to support its team, and as anticipated, school spirit was unequaled and at full capacity, as well. This is a tribute to Switzerland County High School and the community.

After trailing from the tip-off, the Switzerland County team came from behind in a flurry of multiple interceptions and shots to abruptly and dramatically take the lead. It is especially noteworthy that following the game, the Switzerland County contingency, including thrilled, excited, and at times, nearly hysterical students, fans, and spectators remained in their seats until after awards were presented, team pictures were completed, and the nets were ready to be cut down.

Mr. Dunning and Mr. Marshall are to be commended for their leadership role in managing fan control during and after the championship game. In a day and age where uncontrollable fans charge the floor after victory, Switzerland County students stood in the bleachers and off the floor during the entire contest, and after the game, not one student or adult fan stepped onto the playing area to show player appreciation, until released.

Congratulations Mr. Dunning, Mr. Marshall, and the Switzerland County community for epitomizing the spirit of “good old fashioned basketball” in the state of Indiana and being role models of sportsmanship for your school, community, and the IHSAA. Keep up the good work!

Dale Hierlmeier, athletic director

Southwestern High School