Fair coverage


Dear Editor:

I was wondering what news was so important that no reporters could attend more than a couple of the fair week activities. All of the kids work really hard on their exhibit hall projects and their livestock projects. Some of the exhibitors with livestock projects will only get a few weeks rest before it is time to begin next year’s project. It may be the selection of a calf or getting ewes or does bred in time for lambs or goats to show. The same will happen with the swine.

Horse and pony kids have a year round project. I feel all of these kids deserve some recognition for all of their time and effort. I know for a fact there was no one from the paper to report on the swine, sheep or beef show. No one was there to get pictures of the first year members or even the senior members who are finished this year or anyone in between. There was no one to get pictures of the showmanship or grand and reserve grand champion winners who have done their very best. This year’s beef show ended with sister and brother winning grand and reserve grand champion. The sheep show ended with the winning sheep coming from the same farm. The only people there to report it were proud parents and family members. I feel this is a travesty.

Someone should be interviewing exhibitors; taking pictures and making the kids feel good about themselves. Give them the awesome feeling of seeing themselves on the front page of the paper, also giving parents and grandparents something to brag about. If we don’t do all we can to encourage kids to do what they love to do, they may never try to do anything.

Keli Hall