FAFSA form help available at high school


Switzerland County High School seniors and their parents are encouraged to fill out the “Free Application For Student Aid” – FAFSA – if the student is going to attend a vocational, trade school, two-year, or four-year college in the U.S.

The FAFSA uses information about the parent’s and student’s income to determine eligibility for Pell grants, and for loans. The information is sent to the school or college that the student is planning to attend; and the school or college will then put together a financial aid packet for the student, and send the information to the student.

Some scholarships require students to fill out the FAFSA in order to be eligible. Parents and students should get their taxes done early in order to make the process easier. If this is not possible, parents may use 2007 information and estimate. Once taxes are completed, parents will be asked to update the 2007 information.

In order to assist students and parents with submitting information, Switzerland County High School will open its computer lab for two days after school.

The computer lab will be open this Monday, February 16th; and again on Monday, March 2nd. Both days the lab will be open from 3:30-6;30 p.m. for any student or parent who would like to come in and submit the FAFSA online.

Those wanting to file the FAFSA may also access the website through the Switzerland County High School website: www.switzerland.k12.in.us. From there, go to “high school”; then “guidance”, and connect to the FAFSA website. Copies of the FAFSA forms may also be downloaded from the school website.

The FAFSA form must be into the Federal Student Aid office by Tuesday, March 10th.

Anyone having any questions may contact guidance director Denise Loaring at 427-2626.