‘Faces of Freedom’ will honor veterans


Our world can be a scary place at times.

Throughout history, brave men and women from around this country – and here in Switzerland and Ohio counties – have answered the call of Uncle Sam and gone to different parts of the world in defense on freedom.

In the Thursday, November 9th issue of the Vevay Newspapers, a special salute to our local veterans – “Faces of Freedom” – will be published.

We are asking all veterans and families of veterans to provide a service-era photo along with service information that will be included in this section. Soldiers will be divided by era of service; and family members are also encouraged to provide a photo and information about military members who have passed away to be included.

Along with the photo, the following information is also needed: Name, branch of military, service time period, hometown, special honors and awards presented while in the service, and where the veteran lives now. If the veteran is deceased, please provide when they passed away, and any family members who are still living in this area. The person submitting the information should also provide their name and a contact phone number.

Photos and information can be provided in two ways:

– Bring the photo and information into the Vevay Media Group office at 111 West Market Street in Vevay. The photo will be scanned and handed right back to you. There is no need to leave the photo. Please have the needed information written down prior to bringing the photo in.

– Email the photo and the information to: vevaynews@gmail.com.

The deadline to submit photos for “Faces of Freedom” is Friday, October 20th. Because of the anticipated volume of submissions, no late submissions will be able to be included.

For more information, contact the Vevay Media Group office at (812) 427-2311.