Exhibit Hall results


The 2016 Ohio County 4-H Exhibit Hall exhibitors blue ribbon winners and top award winners included:

Grace Arnett- Photography.

Sara Bedunah- Shooting Sports Education.

Shealyn Bell- Pocket Pets, Electric Reserve Division Champion, Crafts Fine Art, Shooting Sports.

James Bounds- Shotgun Grand Champion, Archery Freestyle Reserve Grand Champion

Morgan Bush- Sewing Construction Division Champion, Photography Division Champion, Crafts Any Other Crafts Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Division Champion

Katheryn Cate- Dog Poster Grand Champion.

Ty Chase- Shooting Sports Education Division Champion, Shotgun Reserve Grand Champion.

Riley Chipman- (County-Only Projects) Junior Leaders, Health Reserve, Pocket Pets Grand Champion,

Davian Cole- Cat Poster Grand Champion, Shooting Sports, Crafts Reserve Division Champion.

Kara Colen- Photography.

Lisa Cutter- Photography.

Timothy Cutter- Electric, Photography.

Emma Davis- Cat Adult Grand Champion, Ag Hort Floriculture Division champion, Junior Leaders, Photography.

Griffin Davis- Photography Reserve Division Champion.

Lillie Davis- Ag Hort Floriculture Division Champion, Photography division champ.

Owen Davis- photography Reserve champion.

Colten Dowdee- Photography.

Ella Eldridge- Photography Red, Shooting Sports Red, Pocket Pets,

Jobi Evans- Shooting Sports, Cake Decorating

Natalie Fisk- Photography Reserve Division Champion.

Casey Fletcher- Foods Baked Reserve Division Champion, Electric Division Champion, Woodworking.

Chloe Fletcher- Foods, woodworking, Sewing Construction purple division champion

Hunter Garland- Aerospace Division Champion , Shooting Sports Archery Instinctive Reserve Grand Champion.

Alexander Gilb -Aerospace Division champion, Demonstration Reserve Champion.

Gavin Gilb- Foods Yeasts Biscuit, Cat.

Allison Givan- Photography

Brian Givan- Shooting Sports

Justin Green- Sport Fishing Purple Grand Champion, Collections, Poultry Poster Purple Grand Champion.

Alex Green- Shooting Sports Archery Instinctive Purple grand champion reserve grand champion,

Miranda Hall- Child Development, Scrapbooking, Junior Leaders.

Caleb Henry- Photography,

Colton Henry- Photography, Shooting Sports,

Kaitlyn Henry-Photography, Recycling Division Champion,

Camille Hettinger- Dog Poster Reserve Division Champion.

Julia Hon- Shooting Sports.

Kyla Jones- Crafts.

Nathan Kappes- Ag Tractor Division Champion, Crops grand Champion, Geneology grand champion, Photography division champion

Justin Kemp- Crafts Models reserve champion, division Champion, Foods, Junior Leaders, Microwave grand champion, Photography.

Jessica Koons- Crafts Fine Arts reserve champion

Nicholas Koons- Collections.

Kenzie Lageman- Ag Hort Floriculture Division Champion, Consumer Clothing-white, Foods, Baked.

Dalton Lamkin- Collections Purple Division Champion, Gift wrapping Reserve Grand Champion, Rabbit poster grand champion.

Meghan Lamkin- Gift wrapping grand champion. Ag Hort Floriculture Division centerpiece grand champion, Consumer clothing, Home Environment grand champion.

Kaylenn Leifling- Crafts, Photography red.

Jace Leonard- Recycling, Shooting Sports Reserve champion, Sports fishing reserve champion, Photography, Electric division champion, Horse Science grand champion,

Kasey Leonard- Horse science grand champion, Champion, Salon Print, Recycling, Health reserve grand champion, Crafts.

Anabel Lillie- Woodworking, shooting sports.

Lura Little- Horse science, Junior Leaders, Photography, Recycling reserve division champion, Shooting sports, Cat Poster reserve grand champion, Dog Poster reserve division champion.

Trey Manifold- Shooting Sports Reserve Division Champion, Weather grand champion.

Kaleigh Mann-Photography.

Kiera Mann- Geneology division champion, wildlife, Photography Grand champion,

Ethan Markland- Sport Fishing Division Champion.

Cyrus McComas- Shooting Sports red.

Makenzie McDaniel- Foods baked division champion,Crafts,

Brandon McGraw- Woodworking Reserve Division Champion

Justin McGraw- Woodworking Reserve Division Champion

Nevaeh Mills-Yeast Rolls Division Champion,

Crafts, Cake Decorating Grand champion.

Mitchell Morris- Shooting Sports Education.

Dakota Nead- Recycling.

Allison Nobbe- Electric Grand Champion, Photography.

Ellie Ohlmansiek- Sewing Construction Division Champion, Woodworking Division Champion,.

Dylan Potter- Woodworking.

Janessa Potter- Crafts Fine Arts.

Jill Potter- Crafts Model Crafts Reserve Division Champion, Needlecraft Reserve Division Champion.

Josie Potter- Crafts Fine Arts Division Champion, Home Environment Division Champion.

Kendall Potter- Needle Crafts Grand Champion.

Jacob Powell- Foods Baked Grand Champion.

Kora Powell- Foods Baked Reserve Grand Champion.

Kinsey Price- Shooting Sports, Demonstrations Reserve Grand Champion, Junior Leaders, Consumer Clothing Intermediate Purple ribbon, Crafts.

Noah Reeves- Shooting Sports Reserve Division Champion.

Nicole Rider- Crafts, Fine Arts, Foods Baked.

Bailey Rodgers- Crafts.

Shyanne Rugg-Photography, Sewing Construction.

Brady Russell- Photography.

Caterina Russell-Collections Reserve Division Champion, Crafts, Pocket Pets Reserve Grand Champion.

Olivia Sams- Cake Decorating Reserve Division Champion, Foods, Baked Reserve Division Champion,

Sewing Wearable Reserve Grand Champion, Shooting Sports, Woodworking, Recycling Division Champion, Scrapbooking Division Champion, Garden Division Champion.

Jacob Schmerr- Veterinary Science, Alfalfa Grand Champion, Junior Leaders.

Rachel Schwing- Cake Decorating Reserve Grand Champion, Photography.

Jake Scott- Junior Leaders.

Mackinzie Scott- Junior Leaders, Photography.

Nathan Siekman- Crafts Model Crafts Division Champion.

Anna Slack- Junior Leaders, Photography.

Margaret Slack- Junior Leaders, Horse Science Grand Champion.

Whitney Smart- Kitten , Dog Poster, Health, Veterinary Science.

Kolton Smith- Dog Poster Reserve Grand Champion.

Ethan Snelling- Photography, Sport Fishing Division Champion.

Connor Southard- Shooting Sports Education, Photography.

Allison Steele- Collections Reserve Grand Champion, Ag Hort Floriculture, Foods Baked Reserve Division Champion, Foods Preserved Grand Champion, Home Environment Reserve Division Champion, Junior Leaders.

Sarah Steele- Crafts Division Champion, Child Development Division Champion, Collections Division Champion, Consumer Clothing Grand Champion, Scrapbooking Division Champion, Ag HortFloriculture Grand Champion, Foods Baked, Demonstration Grand Champion, Junior Leaders.

Benjamin Steelman- Aerospace, Geology.

Caleb Steelman- Aerospace Reserve Division Champion,

Caleb Steelman- Geology.

Ruby Thompson- Foods Baked Division Champion, Crafts Fine Arts Reserve Division Champion.

Cameron Unger- Photography, Recycling Reserve Champion, Woodworking Grand Champion.

Alayna Walcott- Health Grand Champion, Sewing Division Champion.

Robert Walston- Electric Division Champion.

Vada Walston- Ag HortFlorticulture.

Zoey Walston- Photography.

Brandon Weaver- Foods Baked.

Isabelle Weaver- Junior Leaders, Public Speaking Grand Champion, Foods Baked, Gift wrapping Division Champion.

Brett Weaver- Photography.

Seth Weaver- Shooting Sports, Garden Grand Champion, Woodworking Division Champion

Katelyn Welzel- Child Development Grand Champion, Junior Leaders, Shooting Sports Grand Champion.

Logan Welzel- Shooting Sports

Paige Werner- Crafts.

Gabriel Whitaker- Crafts, Photography.

Josephina Whitaker- Crafts, Fine Arts, Photography.

Austin Wolf- Shooting Sports Pistol Senior Champion. Rifle Reserve Champion.

Jacob Wolf- Shooting Sports Education Purple Pistol Senior Champion.

Ashley Yauch- Consumer Clothing, Health, Junior Leaders, Recycling Grand Champion, rafts.

Jacob Yauch- Woodworking Grand Champion, Division Champion, Recycling Reserve Division Champion.

William Yauch- Woodworking, Junior Leaders, Recycling.