End of the year awards and honors presented at Rising Sun High School


Another school year has come to a close, and with commencement completed for the Rising Sun Class of 2015, many awards and honors were presented to students.

At the end of the year awards program held on June 2nd, a total of $509,000 was presented, not including the Lilly Endowment Scholarship.

Those include:

- Whitney Chipman was named Valedictorian and Jake Uhlmansiek Salutatorian.

- Academic Honors diplomas: Austin Armstrong, Bailey Baker, Bailee Bostic, Carly Bowman, Shane Chase, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Alix DeDreu, Benjamin Eads, Mitch Jackson, Kristen Kolodzik, Dustin McBride, Caylin Mondary, Haley Presley, Lily Ramsey, Natasha Saunders, Emily Smeeks, Jake Uhlmansiek, Erin Webb and Jamie Williams.

- Core 40 diplomas: Alexis Ballard, Emma Barnard, Taylor Bruce, Cailin Bush, Chris Chase, Morgan Cloutier, Kaitlyn Coots, William Dirr, Emily Eaton, Stephen Fields, April Giles, Macy Hannah, Megan Henry, Marissa Hess, Gracie Jackson, Gage Kittle, Kelsey Lawrence, Keaton Leive, Destiny Lowe, Logan Lozier, Austin McClure, Zachary McCracken, Whitney McKay, Ginny Philpot, Bryce Potraffke, Kyle Proffitt, Tyler Rabe, Devon Radcliffe, Jacob Rice, Tyler Roberts, Emma Seiler, Curtis Taulbee, Zachary VanWinkle, Jeremy Vest, Chad Wagner, Jesse Weber, Hannah Wismann, Matt Yocum.

- Technical Honors Diploma: Amanda Walton.


– Computer Repair: Gary Ellis, Joe Louden, Devon Radcliffe, Zach VanWinkle, Jesse Weber.

– Diesel Service Technology: Chris Chase, Will Dirr.

– Heavy equipment: Tyler Rabe.

– Heath careers: Emily Eaton, Amanda Walton.

– Welding technology: Logan Lozier, Austin McClure, Jeremy Vest.

- Most outstanding RSHS students: Amanda Walton, Zach VanWinkle.

– Most outstanding student at the Southeastern Career Center from Rising Sun High School: Amanda Walton.



– English 9: Anna Uhlmansiek

– English 10: Jayden McAlister

– English 11: Courtney Dilts

– English 12: Emma Seiler

– 9th grade: Kasey Baker

– 10th grade: Brittany Smith

- 11th grade: Brett Weaver

– 12th grade: Carly Bowman

- Novels and Creative Writing: Jacqueline Stapleton

– English Grammar and Composition: Taylor Jenkins

– Advanced English Grammar/Composition: Lily Ramsey


– Spanish I: Kyla Willhite

- Spanish II: Katie Jackson

– Spanish III: Emma Seiler

Industrial Arts:

– Construction systems: Mitchell Morris.

– Transportation systems: Jacob Rice

Social Studies:

– Geography and History of the World: Kasey Baker

– U.S. History: Taylor Jenkins

– Government: Lily Ramsey

– Economics: Whitney Chipman

– Psychology: Lily Ramsey

– Sociology: Lily Ramsey


- Algebra I: Anna Uhlmansiek

– Geometry: Jayden McAlister

- Algebra II: Kyla Willhite

– Finite Math: Lily Ramsey

– Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry: Taylor Jenkins

- A.P. Calculus: Mitch Jackson


– Biology: Anna Uhlmansiek

– Integrated Chemistry/Physics: Brett Weaver

- Chemistry: Kyla Willhite

- Earth and Space Science: Nicole Rider

- Anatomy: Lily Ramsey

- Physics: Abigail Fletcher

Business and Project Lead The Way

- Digital Citizenship: Kyla Willhite

– Intro to Business: Emma Seiler

– Digital Citizanship:Tiarra Harrison

– Intro. To Engineering Design: Mitch Jackson

- Principles of Engineering: Whitney Chipman

– Digital Electronics: Steven Fields

– Civil Engineering: Austin Armstrong

Family and Consumer Science

– Interpersonal Relations / Preparing for College and Careers:Kasey Baker

– Nutrition and Wellness and Textiles and Fashions: Alexandria Zamudio

– Housing and Interiors: Karsen Cook


– Chorus: Bailee Bostic

– John Phillip Sousa Award: Ben Eads

– Morgan Drescher Scholarship: Mitch Jackson

Health/Physical Education

– Health: Jayden McAlister

- P.E. I and II: Bryant Housemyer, Jacqueline Stapleton

– Advanced P.E.: Matt Yocum


- The most standout Introduction to 2D/3D Art student is: Courtney Dilts, Alexandria Zamudio

– The most standout Advanced 2D/3D Art student is: Jacqueline Stapleton, Nicole Rider.


– Rising Sun High School Academic Team: Caylin Mondary, Nicole Rider, Jake Uhlmansiek, Abby Fletcher, Cora Burkhardt, Michael Fisher, Taylor Jenkins, Angelo Gallegos, Carly Siekman, Whitney Brunner, Derak Woytsek, Tyler Walton, Mitch Jackson, Amy Zamudio, Anna Uhlmnsiek, Summer Wilkymacky, Andrew Lewis, Meghan Lamkin.

– Hoxworth Blood Center Award: Gracie Jackson, Keaton Leive, Austin McClure, Deon Radcliff, Whitney Chipman, Whitney McKay, Jeremy Vest, Jamie Williams, Haley Presley, Carly Bowman, Kristen Kolodzik

National Honor Society: Ben Eads (president), Austin Armstrong, Bailey Baker, Bailee Bostic, Carly Bowman, Shane Chase, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Alix DeDreu, Mitch Jackson, Kristen Kolodzik, Ginny Philpot, Lily Ramsey, Emily Smeeks, Jake Uhlmansiek, Erin Webb, Jamie Williams.

– Rising Sun Regional Foundation Scholarships: Jamie Williams. Erin Webb, Alix DeDreu, Bailee Bostic, Ben Eads, Destiny Lowe.

– Phyllis A. Brown Memorial Scholarship: Whitney Chipman, Natasha Saunders.

– Lilly Endowment Scholarship: Jake Uhlmansiek.

– Ohio County Community Foundation Scholarship: Lily Ramsey, Kristen Kolodzik, Bailey Baker, Karsen Cook.

– Denise Ann Beyer Memorial Scholarship: Whitney Chipman, Lily Ramsey.

– Gary Green Community Scholarship: Shane Chase.

– Randy and Debbie Eaglin Scholarship: Bailey Baker.

– Lois Mora and Gertrude Shockley Keller Scholarship: Alix DeDreu.

– Ohio County Community Foundation Board of directors: Austin Armstrong.

– Ohio County Joint Community Scholarship: Jamie Williams, Bailey Baker.

– Ohio County 4-H Scholarship: Kristen Kolodzik, Shane Chase.

– Brinson Williamson Memorial Scholarship: Ben Eads.

– Dana Lee Ballard Scholarship: Erin Webb.

– Steven W. McHenry Memorial Scholarship: Bailee Bostic.

– Donald Bowman Memorial Scholarship: Haley Presley, Natasha Saunders.

– Rising Sun Fire Department Emergency Service Scholarship: Austin Armstrong.

– Cass-Union Consolidated School Scholarships: Ben Eads, Erin Webb, Whitney Chipman, Jamie Williams, Whitney McKay.

– Rising Sun High School Alumni Scholarship: Caylin Mondary, Whitney McKay.

– American Legion Auxiliary Post #59: Bailey Baker, Caylin Mondary.

– American Legion Scholarship: Kristen Kolodzik.

– Ohio Valley River Cats Catfish Scholarship: Alix DeDreu.

– Paul Scudder Memorial Scholarship: Bailey Baker, Whitney McKay, Erin Webb.

– Ivy Tech State College Scholarship: Cailin Bush.

– United Community Bank: Alix DeDreu.

– Southeastern Indiana Recycling District Scholarship: Shane Chase.

– Laughery Valley FOP: Dustin McBride.

– Callaway Memorial Scholarship: Karsen Cook.

– Charles and Hazel Johnson Scholarship: Karsen Cook.

– Tom Cochran Memorial Scholarship: Shane Chase.

– Indiana Sheriff’s Association: Shane Chase.

– Tri Kappa Sorority: Kristen Kolodzik.

– Rising Sun Public School Endowment Scholarship: Austin Armstrong, Bailey Baker, Carly Bowman, Cailin Bush, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Alix DeDreu, Ben Eads, Erin Webb, Jamie Williams.

– Rotary Citizenship award: .Karsen Cook

– Rising Sun Rotary Club scholarship: Whitney Chipman, Ben Eads

– Rising Sun Rotary Club “Top 10”: Austin Armstrong, Bailey Baker, Bailee Bostic, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Mitch Jackson, Kristen Kolodzik, Lily Ramsey, Emma Seiler, Jake Uhlmansiek.

- IEO and Vaughn Pursuing dreams Scholarship: Jamie Williams.

- Michael D. Hayes Scholarship: Austin Armstrong

– Wilma Lohide Scholarship: Ben Eads

- Wilke S. and James W. Lemon Scholarship: Austin Armstrong

– Indiana Conservation Officer Thomas Denniston Memorial: Shane Chase.

- Ohio County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Whitney McKay, Karsen Cook, Jamie Williams.

– Dearborn County Hospital Foundation High School Senior Scholarship Program: Bailey Baker, Erin Webb.

– Zimmer Tractor Scholarship: Shane Chase, Whitney Chipman.

- Francis and Naomi Dibble Scholarships: Alix DeDreu, Austin Armstrong, Sydney Elliott (college).

– Thomas and John Cooper Scholarship: Cailin Bush

- Charles H. and Hazel M. Johnson Scholarship: Bailey Baker, Whitney Chipman, Dustin McBride, Lily Ramsey.

- John E. Bakes Scholarship: Bailey Baker, Whitney Chipman, Karsen Cook, Kristen Kolodzik, Lily Ramsey, Jake Uhlmansiek, Timmi Elbright and Sydney Elliott (college).

- Edward G. and Grace B. Gray Memorial Scholarship: Whitney Chipman, Lily Ramsey.


- The following students have participated in the 21st Century Scholars Program: Carly Bowman, Taylor Bruce, Megan Henry, Mitch Jackson, Destiny Lowe, Austin McClure, Ginny Philpot.

Because of their continuous participation in this program, they can receive full-tuition scholarships to any eligible college, university, or technical school in Indiana.

The following students have received scholarships from colleges, universities, or community organizations.

- Bailey Baker: $11,000 scholarship from University of Indianapolis.

- Bailee Bostic: Music Scholarship from University of Evansville for $17,000; the IHSAA Scholarship for $1,000; and a softball scholarship for 85-percent of all expenses.

- Karsen Cook: Blythe Scholarship for $19,000 from Hanover College.

- Mitch Jackson: NKU Excellence Scholarship for $20,000.

- Lily Ramsey: Nucon Steel Scholarship for $13,600 and NKU Excellenence Scholarship for $20,000.

– Erin Webb: University of Indianapolis $11,000 and Pop Scholarship of $700.


Rising Sun High School Principal Noel Bostic concluded the awards by recognizing graduates who will be serving their country in the military.

Logan Lozier will be entering the Navy; while Tyler Rabe and Emma Seiler have joined the Army; and Tyler Roberts is serving in the National Guard.