Emma Leap honored, new teachers hired as school discusses bus routes and valedictorians


Emma Leap was recognized for her 27 years of service to the Switzerland County School Board meeting on Monday, July 20.

Kendra Johnson was hired to fill the vacant full time food service position.

Ashley Wehner was named the new Agriculture teacher.

Kristopher Sandlin was chosen to replace Evan Morgan who resigned his PE/health teaching position.

Mitch Hobson was named to the high school English position. Hobson has a degree in English and in transition to a teachers license. He will have an emergency license with two years to complete his teaching requirement but told the board he should finish his studies by June. He will be mentored by current teachers to get credit for his student teaching as part of his Indiana Weslyan program.

Instructors for this week’s (July 22-24) band camp approved included: Jon Girce, head director; Jamie Slone, Woodwind Instructor; Marcus Duckworth, Brass Instructor; Brandon Griffith, Percussion Instructor; Lisa Craig, Guard Instructor; and Lisa Ridener, Dance Team Instructor.

The following bids were approved: Snow removal- Parham Excavating; Fuel delivery- Southern Petroleum, Inc.; Dairy products delivery- Reiter Dairy (Dean Foods) and Bread products- Aunt Millie’s Breads (both through the Wilson Center); and Trash removal- Best Way Disposal.

Endowment funds pay for books

The board approved a school endowment request of $235,000 for textbooks along with $32,500 for the annual YMCA agreement.

After a break midway through the more than three hour meeting, the board approved its Memorandum of Understanding with Ivy Tech.

There are 32 students considering taking dual credit classes through the community college with about 15 each semester.

Parents will be required to make the payments ($133/credit hour) while textbook fees will be paid through the endowment funds.

Students must meet one of three eligibility requirements.

Additional bus route needed

Discussion was held about a need for an additional bus route.

Bus routes 27 and 30 are filled to capacity with 68 and 66 students each. Students involved are located on Florence Hill Road. There are students at the bottom of the road with four attending Jeff Craig and one Switzerland County Elementary School in East Enterprise.

The hope is to have all student go to Jeff Craig. Plans are to discuss changes with parents involved.

The board will make a decision at a special meeting slated for 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 3.

Valedictorian policy

Also on the agenda for the Aug. 3 meeting will be the policy on naming valedictorians.

SCHS had six valedictorians in 2010 and 2013 and is on pace to have eight in 2016.

Board president Wayne Daugherty backed the policy that all students receiving a 4.0 be named valedictorian because scholarships are available for those named as valedictorian.

Guidance counselor Marla Edwards recommended doing away with class rankings and the percentages currently used.

Instead students would be designated as summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude.

Exit Interviews

The board discussed getting feedback from teachers who leave or retire from the school corporation.

Board members Katie Collier and Joe Bennett would like the board to have exit interviews in an attempt to see what the school is doing right and what it can improve on.

Superintendent Mike Jones said that Lawrenceburg is the only area school to do exit interviews which are to be conducted by the principals.

Attorney Matt Hocker had questions about the board having a meeting with those leaving and whether that would meet requirements for executive session.

After much discussion, the board will make up a questionnaire to be reviewed and sent out to the four employees who have left recently.

Leap to teach CPR

School Resource Officer Roy Leap will teach CPR classes at the YMCA.

Leap discussed state statutes requiring CPR training and the local YMCA is a recognized training center.

Teachers are required to renew their license every five years but CPR training is required every two years. Leap reported that keeping the training “in house” will make it easier to keep track of teachers meeting the CPR requirement.

Any teacher’s CPR status which may be in question with have to be redone.

Eric Cole is training center director at the YMCA and Leap’s reports will go through him.

The cost with Leap doing the training is $5 as opposed to $25 charged at the Y.

Other business

The board canceled an Emergency Shelter Agreement with Swiss Villa which it had approved last month. New owners of the facility did not want to continue the agreement.

Textbook for Special Needs classes and Ivy Tech dual credit classes were approved.

An addendum was made to the Christman Fleet contract in order to supply bus transportation to the vocational school to start the school year. The vocational school in Versailles starts five days before Switzerland County schools. Janet Scott was approved to drive the route for those days.

Grants approved an archery grant of $3732.95 and $1000 for Action for Healthy Kids.

Field trip requests by Kyle Woolston, Harold Scranton and Ron Harris were approved to the NASP Archery Team to Nashville, TN on July 22-24.

Approval was given for Jeff Mullins to use the high school cafeteria for a Girls Soccer Cookout from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Aug. 10 as well the Swiss Wine Festival as the Edelweiss Princes Pageant from 1 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 9.

The board approved the Boys and Girls Basketball Golf Fundraiser for Sept. 5 at Vineyard Golf Course.

The board will meet in special session on Monday, Aug. 3 with their regular meeting set for Aug. 17.

The next endowment board meeting is Tuesday, July 28 at 5 p.m.