‘E Learning’ day is Wednesday


The Switzerland County School Corporation has announced that it will be conducting a seres of “E Learning” days this year – and the first one is this Wednesday, September 28th.

E Learning days are created as a way to prepare students for independent learning for college and the workforce; and also allows for professional development opportunities for staff without loss of instructional time or have the need for the corporation to find substitute teachers.

It allows prepares everyone for inclement weather school days within a few years. Currently, inclement weather days are not an option for the Switzerland County School Corporation.

This Wednesday, September 28th, is the first of four E Learning days that the state has approved for the corporation. Other days include: Wednesday, November 16th; Wednesday, January 25th; and Wednesday, April 5th.

So what happens this Wednesday?

– All staff will report to work and will be paid.

– Students in grades K-2: these students will attend school with a normal schedule.

– Students in grades 3-6 will come to school for the first E Learning day. They will have a normal schedule; but classroom time will be simulated as a day at home; with students working independently under their teacher’s supervision.

– Students in grades 7-12 will stay at home for the E Learning day and attend classes online.

Students can ride normal bus routes/times to study hall/lunch if desired; and students who attend the Career Center will still attend their classes there as normal.

Extra curricular activities will be held at the coach’s discretion..


The expectations for the E Learning days are for students to complete their school work on Chromebooks; and they will be able to download material at school to work without Internet access at home.

Teachers will have office hours for help by phone, email; and Google Hangouts from 9-10 a.m. and from 2-3:30 p.m.

School work will be due on Thursday or Friday at the teacher’s discretion; and attendance will be counted by school work being submitted by the due date.

For more information, contact the school that your child attends.